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Check out the newcomers we think you should keep an eye on this TV season

Priyanka Chopra
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​Priyanka Chopra, Quantico

She might be new to you, but Priyanka Chopra is a mega global star having already proven she's a triple threat singer-dancer-actress who's also a humanitarian and columnist. Now, the gorgeous Bollywood star is honing her dramatic chops as a young FBI recruit on ABC's Quantico. She plays Alex Parrish, an FBI recruit whose blend of confidence and mystery keeps you guessing -- especially once she and her fellow recruits are suspected in the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11.

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​Stark Sands, Minority Report

If this two-time Tony nominee looks a little familiar, you may have seen him in a small role on Six Feet Under, on HBO's miniseries Generation Kill, or the short-lived CBS cop drama NYC 22. But prepare to see a whole lot more of him on Fox's Minority Report, on which he stars as Dash, one of three pre-cogs whose future-predicting abilities were used to stop crime when they were children. Being chosen as the lead for the first TV adaptation of a Spielberg movie? We'd say the future looks bright.

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​Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Already making a name for herself in the comedy world, Rachel Bloom somehow manages to be quirky, awkward and adorable all while showing off her pretty impressive pipes and hoofing skills as Rachel Bunch in CW's upcoming musical comedy. While you might find yourself feeling bad for Bunch, um, a bunch of the time, her natural flair for comedy will keep you laughing along the way.

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​Jake McDorman, Limitless

This isn't McDorman's first starring turn on TV - he's previously been a series regular on Greek, Are You There, Chelsea?, Shameless, Manhattan Love Story and the 2004 Fox sitcom Quintuplets. But with his first top-billed role on a network drama, Limitless may give McDorman the big break he's been waiting for. Here, he'll take on the physically challenging role of Brian Finch, who discovers a mysterious drug that allows him to use his full brain capacity. Perhaps it's a promising sign that the original film of the same name stars a little-known thespian named Bradley Cooper.

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​Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

Viewers may remember Jaimie Alexander from previous roles on Kyle XY and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as in the Thor movie franchise. But they might not recognize her in her breakout role on Blindspot, where she makes a memorable first appearance as a woman who's discovered in Times Square, naked except for elaborate tattoos that cover almost her entire body. Though it's Alexander's first time as a leading lady on a network drama, it's not hard to imagine her Jane Doe quickly becoming one of the most formidable female characters in prime time.

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​Jake McLaughlin, Quantico

You may recognize him from his roles on the short-lived shows Believe or Crash, but it seems McLaughlin has finally found the perfect part on Quantico. He plays a Ryan, a young FBI recruit who's both sexy and ambitious with a touch of insecurity that makes you root for him. Plus: He's the star's love interest. What could go wrong?

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​Jaina Lee Ortiz, Rosewood

This newcomer got her start as a dancer, having taught and performed professionally all over the world. Maybe those salsa and mambo lessons will come in handy on Rosewood, which is set in Miami. On the show, Ortiz plays Detective Annalise Villa, a tough-as-nails cop who has little time for the optimistic (and flirty!) ways of private pathologist Beaumont Rosewood (Morris Chestnut), with whom she's partnered. Maybe she can tap-dance her way around all the romantic tension?

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​Lee Jones, The Bastard Executioner

This hulking Australian newcomer has only a few minor credits under his belt, but that didn't stop him from landing the heavy-lifting lead on FX's bloody The Bastard Executioner by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter. Jones plays Wilkin Brattle a warrior knight who has turned his back on his violent past. But when tragedy strikes, he is forced to pick up his sword once more and become the titular executioner.

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​Robbie Kay, Heroes Reborn

Kay played Peter Pan in a memorable arc on ABC's Once Upon a Time, but now gets to explore a different set of special powers on NBC's Heroes Reborn miniseries. Kay plays Tommy Clark, an awkward teenager whose pursuit of the girl of his dreams is complicated by a fear of his recently discovered ability to make things disappear. We suppose that could make dating a little tricky!

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​Hana Hayes, The Grinder

The 16-year-old has done voice acting and guest spots on Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but The Grinder will be her first major role. Hayes plays Lizzie Sanderson, the teenage daughter of Fred Savage and Mary Elizabeth Ellis' characters who is boy crazy and seeks advice from her uncle Dean (Rob Lowe), a former TV star who's returned home. If Hayes can hold her own against Rob Lowe, then the sky's the limit.

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​Billie Lourd, Scream Queens

You might not know Lourd yet, but you do know her mother, Star Wars franchise star Carrie Fisher. Before Lourd follows in her mom's footsteps, making her film debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the actress will bring some sass to Fox's Scream Queens. Lourd plays Chanel #3, a friend and lackey of sorority president Chanel (Emma Roberts). But unlike the other minions, Chanel #3 isn't quite as gung-ho in her blind loyalty to mean girl Chanel. Hopefully, she'll survive long enough to help her sisters out!

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​Francesca Eastwood, Heroes Reborn

You probably know her best because of her famous father Clint Eastwood, who cast her in his movies True Crime and Jersey Boys. Francesca also appeared on the E! reality series Mrs. Eastwood & Company, but now seems to be stepping out of her family's shadow with a role on NBC's Heroes Reborn. As Molly, she plays one of the few characters on the show without superpowers. Somehow, we think she'll still stand out.

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​Noah Galvin, The Real O'Neals

Though he has several theater credits to his name, newcomer Noah Galvin will be thrust into the small-screen spotlight this fall as Kenny, the youngest member of the titular O'Neal clan, who's based on author/series creator Dan Savage. In the pilot episode, Kenny comes out as gay and disrupts the seemingly idyllic lives of his other family members. With _Glee_ no longer on the air, there's a void when it comes to young LGBT characters on network TV, and Galvin may find himself becoming a new role model for teen viewers.

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​Tom Ellis, Lucifer

The EastEnders and Once Upon a Time alum provides a fresh new take on the devil on the Fox drama, which finds a bored Lucifer abdicating his throne to run an L.A. nightclub and help the police capture and punish criminals on the side. And based on the ease in which Ellis takes to playing the titular Lord of Hell on Lucifer, you'd never guess the actor hails from a family of church ministers in real life.

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​David Gyasi, Containment

You might recognize this British import from a minor role in Interstellar, but he has a host of TV credits across the pond, including appearances on Law & Order UK and Doctor Who. He will definitely make his mark on the CW this season as he plays a high-ranking police officer trying to keep peace while his best friend and his girlfriend are trapped inside a deadly virus quarantine.

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Jon Foo, Rush Hour

How can anyone possibly follow in the high-flying footsteps of Jackie Chan? Perhaps an Irish-British actor who's taken on the likes of Thai martial artist star Tony Jaa can. John Foo has the looks and the skill, and let's face it, even his name sounds like a martial arts discipline. His moves, seen in Bangkok Revenge and versus Jaa inTom-Yum-Goong, qualify him enough to play Chan's small-screen counterpart. And you may not have seen his face, but he was one of the League of Shadows warriors in Batman Begins' training sequence. Get ready to obsess over Foo, who plays the forbidding force to be paired with a chatty detective on CBS' latest action drama.

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​Daniel Henney, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

A massive star in Korea, American-born Henney - who is half Korean and half Irish - made his Hollywood debut in 2009 as Agent Zero in X-Men Origins: Wolverineand co-starred on the short-lived CBS drama Three Rivers that fall. He's stayed in the CBS family since, guest-starring on NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0, so those crime-fighting skills will come in handy on Beyond Borders, in which he plays Agent Matthew Simmons, an army brat with a litter of kids at home. Henney is also a model and we'll pay good money to see him in a crossover ab-off with Shemar Moore.

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​Justin Hires, Rush Hour

Like Chris Tucker from the original film, Justin Hires has a big presence and even bigger mouth, perfectly suited to play the gabby Los Angeles cop opposite the by-the-book Hong Kong detective Lee (John Foo). You may have seen this relative unknown without realizing it: from appearing in Stomp the Yard and 21 Jump Streetto appearing as various supporting characters on Key and Peele. He's also active online with his audacious YouTube Channel JustinHiresTV and shouty, in-your-faceVines.

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​Jencarlos Canela, Hot & Bothered

This Miami-born singer already has over a million followers on Twitter and although he's appeared on several telenovelas this will be his first turn on an American half-hour sitcom. While it's clear he's sexy, just wait until you see his comedic chops! Besides, the gig isn't too different from what he's done before. On Hot & Bothered, he'll play a telenovela star alongside Eva Longoria's character, his co-star who just happens to only speak English.