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Emmys 2015: Seen and Heard Backstage

See what the night's big winners said off stage

1 of 13 Steve Granitz/WireImage

The Voice

The Voice may have won its second Emmy for reality-competition program, but Mark Burnett has his eye on a bigger prize. "Let's hope we're the NBC winnertomorrow night," he said, referring to the show's season premiere. The prolific producer also addressed that other NBC reality show of his. "Celebrity Apprentice is a great, great franchise worldwide and clearly a change had to be made, and we're so grateful that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken over," he said. "Everybody's speculating what his line will be when he fires people, but he's a lot of fun. He loves the show and he's really, really engaged in a huge way already."

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Allison Janney

Janney arrived backstage with her second straight Emmy for Mom and newly minted sixth-time winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus in tow because she was "nervous" to be by herself. But don't think they'll ever work together. "Under no circumstances," Louis-Dreyfus deadpanned. Now a seven-time champ, Janney said she still "can't believe" she's tied Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner." "I'm calling this Emmy Ed."

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

How would President Selina Meyer would react to the Kim Davis controversy? "I think President Meyer would find a very effective way of not expressing an opinion, straddling the subject so to speak," Louis-Dreyfus said. "I think she would applaud her right to do what she did ... and at the same time not do a goddamn thing."

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Jill Soloway

Transparent creator Jill Soloway, who won for directing the show's pilot, called for more varied voices behind the camera. "The more I direct, the more I realized directing is litigating how I see the world," she said. "Straight men have had their hand on protagonism and the camera for way too long. ... TV is a way to spread protagonism and protagonism is a privilege."

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Tony Hale

Hale won his second Emmy for comedy supporting actor, but he should also win Best Husband Ever. Asked who he would bring up to accept his Emmy after Janney exited the stage with Louis-Dreyfus, the Veep star didn't hesitate to answer. "I'd bring my wife because I love my wife." Aw.

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Jeffrey Tambor

The Transparent star, who won comedy actor after seven career nominations, said it was a privilege to play Maura Pfefferman and wants to tell her story right because "lives are at stake." "I always thought acting was this and there was teaching in the laugh and in humor," he said. "With laughter and real humor, you can kill prejudice."

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Jon Stewart

No, Stewart will not return to The Daily Show if Donald Trump becomes president. "I would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet because clearly this planet has gone bonkers."

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Amy Schumer

The variety sketch series champ was shooed off the stage by her publicist after posing this question to reporters: "Has anyone in the front row ever had an orgasm?"

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Regina King

Told that Viola Davis had won, King, who won for her work on American Crime, tried her best to censor her excitement: "Viola won?! Oh my God! I wanna curse right now! I want another word for heck yeah!"

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Tracy Morgan

Seated at the microphone, Morgan explained backstage how his emotional, triumphant return came together a year after suffering a traumatic brain injury. "I wanted to walk my wife down the aisle with no cane. After that was done, I was like, I'm going back," Morgan said. "My publicist Lew Kay said, 'Maybe you should let Hollywood welcome you back home,' and that's what happened. Don [Mischer, the Emmys executive producer] allowed me the opportunity to be in front of my peers and they said, 'Welcome back, Tray.'"

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Game of Thrones

Why did Thrones win drama series now after five years? "They changed the rules or something?" executive producer David Benioff said. "They said you could win with dragons," executive producer D.B. Weiss joked.

12 of 13 Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AXN

Viola Davis

Davis is the first black woman to win drama actress for How to Get Away with Murder, but she looks forward to the day where that qualifier won't be needed. "Not just stop saying it, but also stop writing it. One of the things I admire about Shondaland is that Annalise was not written for a black woman. I made her black because I'm black," she said, before putting out a call to writers. "When you put pen to paper, you've got to let your imagination fly." Davis also sung the praises of her pal and fellow nominee Taraji P. Henson, whom she hugged three times at the show. "She is the most supportive actress you could possibly imagine. Supportive in ways you can't even begin to understand and is genuine," she said. "We just whispered to each other, 'Whoever gets it, it's great, it's wonderful' and 'I love you.' That's what we said."

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Jon Hamm

The Mad Men star, who was "very surprised" by his win, had to wait eight years to be rewarded for playing Don Draper, but don't think he begrudges anyone who beat him. "Bryan [Cranston]'s incredible work on [Breaking Bad] and Jeff [Daniels] and Kyle [Chandler] and Damian [Lewis]. It's not like they gave it to a guy on the street. That's not against Billy on the Street. He's wonderful," he quipped. "There's no animosity or anything like that."