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Check out the newcomers we think you should keep an eye on this TV season

Shaun Harrison
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Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin might be based on a telenovela, but Rodriguez manages to keep the show grounded with her easy charm. The former Bold and the Beautiful actress plays Jane, a religious twentysomething woman who's accidentally artificially inseminated and decides to keep the baby. It might not be typical CW fare — no vampires or superheroes here! — but Rodriguez's performance is more than enough to for Jane to earn a series pass on your DVR.
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Robin Lord Taylor, Gotham

After notable appearances on Law & Order, The Walking Dead and Accepted, Taylor landed the role of a lifetime as Oswald Cobblepot on Gotham. When we first meet the future Penguin, he's an abused goon for the gangster Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). But by the end of the pilot, he's already evolving into the cold-blooded killer we know and fear. He's even willing to kill someone over a sandwich (we're betting it was tuna).
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Cristela Alonzo,Cristela

Not only does Alonzo star in Cristela, but the stand-up comedian created, writes and produces the ABC comedy. Talk about a multi-hyphenate! Alonzo draws from her own life for the semi-autobiographical series, which follows an American Latina straddling two cultures as she begins her law career, much to herconservative mother's chagrin.
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Griffin Gluck, Red Band Society

Fans of the short-lived Back in the Game will recognize Gluck as Maggie Lawson's little league-loving son. On Fox's Red Band Society, he'll play Charlie, a patient at Ocean Park Hospital in a coma. Griffin will narrate the series, which follows the teenage patients finding hope and happiness together in the pediatrics wing. Picture Glee without the singing and a whole lot more chemo.
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Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away with Murder

Though Viola Davis is the most discussed star of How to Get Away with Murder, it's Enoch who plays the crucial role of audience surrogate into Shonda Rhimes' latest WTF-inducing world (see: Scandal). The Harry Potter and Sherlock alum stars as Wes Gibbins, a wide-eyed law student who finds himself in over his head after enrolling in Davis' intense and demanding law class.
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Tone Bell, Bad Judge

Kate Walsh might the titular Bad Judge, but Bell proves himself a real star as the hilarious bailiff Tedward. And it's no wonder Bell steals every scene he's in. He's made a career out of stand-up comedy and has also appeared on Key and Peele, Whitney and Single Ladies.
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Elyes Gabel, Scorpion

The autism as a crime-solving tool is a pretty tired trope, but Gabel manages to give it a fresh spin in Scorpion. The Game of Thrones and Body of Proof alum plays a likable genius who helps the government close cases. Along the way, he connects with a budding young genius whose mother (Katherine McPhee) helps him connect with the world.
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Sarah Wright, Marry Me

Wright, who some might recognize as Millicent Gergich from Parks and Rec, will continue proving her comedy skills on NBC's Marry Me. Following in the footsteps of Joan Cusack and Judy Greer, Wright will take on the critical rom-com role of the leading lady's best friend. Even as her bestie Annie (Happy Endings' Casey Wilson) struggles with her recent engagement to Jake (Ken Marino), Wright's character Dennah demonstrates a take it or leave it attitude towards marriage. It might not be exactly what Annie wants to hear, but it's sure to be great to watch!
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Carlos Valdes, The Flash

Valdes stars as mechanical engineering genius Cisco Ramon who, as comic book fans know, eventually becomes the superhero Vibe. And though The Flash might be Valdes' television debut, we have faith that the Broadway star, best known for his role in Once, more than has what it takes for the crime-fighting role. In fact, we know he does after witnessing him kick butt on Arrow last season!
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Tyler Ritter, The McCarthys

Ritter is following in the footsteps of his father, the late John Ritter, starring in the multi-cam comedy The McCarthys. The actor, who's previously appeared on Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy, plays Ronnie, the gay son who struggles to connect with his sports-crazed Boston family. While his role could easily veer into tired stereotypes, Ritter turns Ronnie into the most likable one of the bunch.
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Henry Zebrowski, A to Z

A fixture on the sketch comedy scene in New York City, Zebrowski enjoyed a supporting role in last year's The Wolf of Wall Street. After guest spots on Girls, Law & Order: SVU and Blue Bloods, NBC's meet-cute comedy makes his first series regular gig. Although his character, Stu, is one of several bearded best friends coming to TV this fall, Zebrowski's hilarious performance makes him the one to remember.
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Analeigh Tipton, Manhattan Love Story

After perfecting her smize on America's Next Top Model, Tipton broke into acting, appearing in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Warm Bodies.. Apparently a fan of rom-coms, Tipton stays in-genre for her starring role on ABC's Manhattan Love Story. She plays Dana, one-half of a young couple starting a new relationship. But this isn't your average sitcom. The series reveals the inner monologues of Dana and Peter (Jake McDorman), exposing their hidden fears, vulnerabilities and judgements.
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Rose McIver, iZombie

The race for TV's best zombie is stiff competition, but the Masters of Sex alum is drop-dead perfect as Liv, a med student-turned-zombie-turned-coroner. After joining the undead, Liv does everything she can to keep her true nature a secret, until she inherits a disturbing memory from a brain she ate. Unable to stop the visions, Liv begins to help solve crimes using that classic Rob Thomas wit and tenacity we all fell for in Veronica Mars.
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Diogo Morgado, The Messengers

He may have been known as Hot Jesus in The Bible, but Morgado is getting in touch with his darkside for his role as The Man. When a mysterious object hits Earth, a shock wave briefly stops the heart of five strangers, who wake up with unbelievable powers. The Man approaches one of those affected with a morally dubious task. But is he on Earth to stop the impending Rapture or bring it?