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See the sexy celebs who stepped out and dressed to impress on Hollywood's biggest night

Shaun Harrison
1 of 49 Frazer Harrison/

Sean and Robin Wright Penn look polished and relaxed as they walk the red carpet.

2 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Sarah Jessica Parker's breasts and Matthew Broderick pose for the cameras.

3 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Taraji P. Henson is absolutely gorgeous in this layered white gown.

4 of 49 Jeff Vespa/


Melissa Leo's outfit is a train wreck. It really doesn't help that the Frozen River star's gown is the same color as her hair.
5 of 49 Steve Granitz/

From the retro hair to the two-toned gown, The Reader's Kate Winslet is absolutely stunning.

6 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Oh, Meryl Streep! It's a good thing you're such an amazing actress. If awards hinged on fashion taste, you'd be the Susan Lucci of the Oscars.
7 of 49 Steve Granitz/


As one of many fabulously dressed couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie light up the red carpet in classic black.
8 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Frost/Nixon's Michael Sheen looks dapper in a traditional tux, while his date looks a tad old fashioned in this simple black dress.
9 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Last year's supporting-actress winner Tilda Swinton looks slightly better than her garbage-bag dress from a year ago. However, we're not quite sure what she's going for here.
10 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Daniel Craig's classic tux could have easily come straight off the set of Quantum of Solace. And Satsuki Mitchell is as stunning as any Bond girl we've seen.
11 of 49 John Shearer/

Natalie Portman is classy in this strapless pink gown.

12 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Frost/Nixon's Frank Langella poses for a quick shot with his daughter.

13 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Bravo to Alicia Keys for wearing a bright, fresh, pink chiffon gown. She manages to look both elegant and youthful with her soft locks and simple accessories.
14 of 49 Steve Granitz/


The Wrestler's Evan Rachel Wood evokes the old Hollywood era in this gorgeous white chiffon gown. Her look is finished off with beautifully upswept hair and vintage earrings.
15 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Doubt's Philip Seymour Hoffman walks the red carpet in all black. Including a ski cap. Maybe he was in Big Bear this weekend?
16 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Seth Rogen gives a little smile to the cameras. Dude cleans up well!

17 of 49 John Shearer/

Milk's Emile Hirsch pauses for photos on the red carpet.

18 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Mamma Mia's Amanda Seyfried wears a sweet red gown, but the bow looks like it could possibly eat her alive. But, seriously, we'd pay money for her golden locks.
19 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Queen Latifah looks incredible in this navy satin gown, with just the right amount of sparkle.

20 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Mickey Rourke continues his award season parade of funky and awesome outfits — awesomely bad, that is. But, he wins massive points for wearing a necklace with a picture of his recently deceased pup, Loki.
21 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Beyoncé Knowles definitely makes a statement in this black mermaid gown with gold embellishment. However, the pattern and her curvy bod make her look more like a vase than a Hollywood starlet.
22 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Even though Sophia Loren looks amazing for her age, we're not sure what she was thinking by choosing this overly-frilly, odd-colored gown.
23 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Jessica Biel needs to comb her hair and tuck in her dinner napkin. Oh, wait, that's part of her dress.
24 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Rick Schroder can't decide whether he wants a mustache or a goatee… and neither really works for him. But his lovely wife, Andrea, looks fabulous in this fun, teal gown.
25 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Last year's best-actress winner Marion Cotillard looks like a goth ballerina in this black and blue tulle creation.
26 of 49 John Shearer/


John Legend looks great in a rich, chocolate tux. But, his best accessory is most definitely his drop-dead gorgeous date, who is working this melon-hued halter dress.
27 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Penelope Cruz does her best wedding-cake impersonation as she walks the red carpet in this vintage gown.
28 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Funnyman Judd Apatow sports a classic tux while his wife, Leslie Mann, works it in a head-to-toe sequined gown.
29 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Slumdog Millionaire darlings Freida Pinto and Dev Patel may be attending their first Oscars this year, but they look like seasoned pros in gorgeous and classic ensembles.
30 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Milk's Josh Brolin and his beautiful wife, Diane Lane, go for classic black and make it look phenomenal. We would like him to tame his facial hair a bit more, though.
31 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Doubt's Amy Adams always looks great, but we're not digging the black boning on the bodice of her red gown. We love the amazing necklace, however.
32 of 49 Lester Cohen/

Jennifer and Joel Grey rock a double black look.

33 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Is Melissa George floating down the red carpet on a cloud? The dress is a little poofy, but she still looks elegant.
34 of 49 Steve Granitz/

If you look at Bridget Fonda's dress closely, you may find a cat within the pattern.

35 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Robert Downey Jr., looking super spiffy, is all smiles for the photographers.

36 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Doubt's Viola Davis pauses for the photogs on the red carpet.

37 of 49 Steve Granitz/

The Wrestler's Marissa Tomei is stunning and elegant in this layered, silver gown.

38 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Seal looks stunningly handsome, as always, while Heidi Klum goes for the Jetsons look with her saucer-like, one-shouldered red gown.
39 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Bolt's Miley Cyrus struts the red carpet in a clam-inspired, heavily sequined gown that's a bit too old for her. You're only 16, so have a little fun!
40 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Anne Hathaway's very detailed gown is the perfect amount of glam for the Oscars.

41 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Zac Efron and his mermaid girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, make a striking couple in black.

42 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Louis Gossett Jr. looks a bit boxy in this over-sized suit, complete with an out-of-place tie. But, his guest looks sweet and age-appropriate in her purple party dress and pashmina.
43 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline pause for a photo on the red carpet.

44 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and his date look happy and relaxed as they arrive.

45 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Virginia Madsen looks svelte and elegant in this fitted, red column dress with an asymmetrical neckline. We hope no one gets too close — they could lose an eye.
46 of 49 Steve Granitz/


The hosts with the most: American Idol and E! News' Ryan Seacrest and Extra's Mario Lopez look dapper.
47 of 49 Steve Granitz/


Dancing with the Stars cohost Samantha Harris flashes a smile in this elegant, one-shoulder blue gown.
48 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Lisa Rinna poses among the Oscar statues before hosting TV Guide Network's red-carpet pre-show.

49 of 49 Steve Granitz/

Danny Glover gives the photogs a wave as he walks the red carpet at the 81st Academy Awards.