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Check out all the awesome sets that will make great presents

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 HBO

The Sopranos: The Complete Series

Bada bing! At long last, the seedy adventures of Tony Soprano & Co. finally arrive on shelves in one complete package. This 10-pound, 33-disc set is a pleasure to look at and re-mastered versions of all 86 episodes, three soundtrack CDs and two discs of awesome bonus features. It truly is the go-to set for a die-hard Sopranos fan. Buy now at
2 of 14 Warner Home Video

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Complete Series

James Bond fans, new and old, behold: a TV series (and DVD set) after your own heart. This release, handsomely packaged in an attaché case, features all 105 episodes on 41 discs and more than 10 hours of bonus features, including the original black-and-white pilot in color. Buy now at
3 of 14 Universal Studios

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

You wouldn't like your family members when they're angry. So keep that from happening with this bulging 20-disc set, featuring all 82 episodes and more than six hours of bonus features. So, this holiday season, just remember to go green.Buy now at
4 of 14 The Wire

The Wire: The Complete Series

If you were one of those who missed out on one of the most critically accliamed dramas in recent history, never fear. Now you can own all five seasons of the Peabody Award-winning series with this awesome 23-disc set. Also included are original bonus features, such as three prequels and a never-before-seen gag reel. Buy now at
5 of 14 A&E Home Video

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series Megaset

Packaged in a faux-leather photo album/scrapbook, this 42-disc set packs all 150 episodes of this Emmy-winning series and two feature-length movies. Retrace every step of Dr. Quinn's epic journey in Colorado Springs and her romance with Sully in this one-of-a-kind set.Buy now at
6 of 14 Universal Studios

Knight Rider: The Complete Collection

Tired of watching NBC's less-than-great remake of this '80s classic? Then kick this 24-disc set into high gear and let David Hasselhoff's cheesy goodness wash over you. This KITT-inspired box includes all 80 episodes and even lights up and plays the theme song! Buy now at
7 of 14 Lyons/Hit Ent.

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series Collection

It's been 25 years since Jim Henson introduced us to the Fraggles, some of his most psychedelic Muppet creations. This 20-disc, which features 47 hours of Fraggle fun, is the perfect way to celebrate its silver anniversary. Of all the extras, e thing that might put the biggest smile on your face (or tear in your eye) is hearing some of Henson's colleagues reflect on working with the master of imagination.Buy now at
8 of 14 Turner Home Ent.

The Flintsones: The Complete Series

Meet the Flintstones again with this 24-disc lmited edition set that comes packaged in a TV straight out of Bedrock. All 166 episodes of this Hanna-Barbera classic are included for a whole new generation to enjoy. Yabba-dabba-do!Buy now at
9 of 14 Paramount

The Wild Wild West: The Complete TV Series

This "espionage" western was one of the more interesting spin-offs from the 1960s spy shows. This set contains 27 discs, and includes two bonus movies in addition to the episodes. This set more than makes up for that Will Smith remake debacle.Buy now at
10 of 14 HBO

Deadwood: The Complete Series

This look at the "wild" west is focused solely on the lawless town of Deadwood. This set contains all three seasons of the critically lauded series, as well as more than two hours of new extras, including creator David Milch's thoughts on how the series ended. Don't be slow on the draw to pick this one up for your loved ones. Buy now at
11 of 14 Lions Gate

Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Television Series

A truly classic American family TV series. This 60-disc set includes all nine seasons of the Ingalls' struggles and successes, three discs of bonus features, and three movies. Now you can relive all the frontier adventure and drama again and again. Buy now at
12 of 14 HBO

Get Smart: The Complete Series

Revisit all of Agent 86's zany cases with this 25-disc collection of the series 138 episodes. The set also includes more than eight hours of bonus goodies, including interviews with the cast, bloopers, Don Adams' 75th birthday roast and more. We spy a winner! Buy now at
13 of 14 20th Century Fox

That '70s Show: The Complete Series Stash Box

This groovy collection comes packaged in a era-appropriate record box, featuring all eight seasons on 32 discs. Also included is a also includes a keepsake "yearbook" containing a director’s letter, cast interviews and photos and the finale episode script signed by the entire cast. Far out! Buy now at
14 of 14 First Look Home Ent.

The Cosby Show: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Experience all the laughs and tears of this iconic family sitcom again in this 26-disc box set. In addition to all the Huxtables highs and lows, this set features a never-seen interview withh Bill Cosby about his favorite memories from this classic piece of TV history. Buy now at