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See what TVGuidecom's staff is watching between seasons

1 of 20 AMC

Mad Men season 2credit: AMC

2 of 20 Jeff Lipsky/MTV


Gina DiNunno, Associate Editor"The Hills will be the highlight of my summer for one reason and one reason only: I love to hate."
3 of 20 ITV2/Showtime


Anna Dimond, West Coast News Editor"Secret Diary of a Call Girl better be sexy, fun and flashy, because it's at least two months til Dexter and Californication return."
4 of 20 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


Lauren Washington, Marketing Coordinator"Project Runway. Where would competition shows be without this guilty pleasure"Bonus Thought: "Michael Kors critiques like, 'I feel like a pope at a sex club,' make my world a better place." - GD
5 of 20 Eike Schroter/ABC Family


Matt Mitovich, Managing Editor"I was bearish on The Middleman. But having screened it, I'm tempted to add it to my favorites list. It's loaded with clever banter - like Men in Black if Will Smith's character was a geeky girl."
6 of 20 20th Century Fox Film Corp./Everett Collection


J.R. Whalen, Contributing Editor"When there's nothing on, I watch old episodes of L.A. Law. It was a sharp, witty drama with plenty of sarcasm and star power. Rosalind Shays is still one of the great villans in TV history."
7 of 20 HBO


Mickey O'Connor, Staff Editor"I've been TiVo'ing reruns of Flight of the Conchords to watch in long, hilarious blocks of robot overlords, the most beautiful girl in the room, and the ghost of David Bowie. It's so hot it's making me sexist."
8 of 20 Michael Becker/Fox


Nina Hammerling Smith, Staff Editor"So You Think You Can Dance is the best of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars all rolled into one!"Bonus Thought: "It's fun just watching Nigel Lythgoe's mullet change every week." - Erin Fox, Staff Editor
9 of 20 Mario Perez/ABC


Adam Bryant, Associate Editor"I confess - I am the worst TV Guide employee for being two seasons behind on Lost. I'm hoping with DVDs, DVR, and online viewing, I can catch up this summer."
10 of 20 E! Entertainment!


Jillian Pecoraro, Associate Photo Editor"I usually watch Big Love in the summer, but I guess Keeping up with the Kardashians is the next best thing."
11 of 20 Everett Collection


Maitland McDonagh, Senior Editor"I'm reaching for Season 1 of the TV series The Fugitive. Great performances, lots of familiar faces looking impossibly young, and a bracingly dyspeptic view of small town America as a nest of bigotry and corruption."
12 of 20 BBC/Sundance


Christy Tanner, VP of Marketing and Editor-in-Chief"The entire second season of Shameless on BBC-America that is sitting on my DVR from the spring."
13 of 20 Matt Callahan/Oxygen

Deion Pilar: Prime Time Love"Two words: High larious." - JRW

14 of 20 Larry Riley/FX


Rescue Me Minisodes"Despite the hit-or-miss season last year, I was still looking forward to a summer with the guys of Ladder 62. Hopefully the minisodes will tide me over." - CS
15 of 20 Mitch Haddad/NBC


The West Wing"When all else fails, I grab the West Wing complete series on DVD. I'm just waiting until Aaron Sorkin puts out another new series!" - NHS
16 of 20 Alan Zenuk/USA


Psych"I genuinely enjoy Psych with all its quirky humor and goofy police partners, but sadly, this summer it will have to suffice as a poor woman's Entourage." - AD
17 of 20 Animal Planet


After the Attack"I never really watch Animal Planet, but After the Attack looks interesting enough." - JP
18 of 20 Donald Bland/Discovery Channel


Deadliest Catch"I still have several weeks of Opilio crab season to look forward to. Watching the guys take a sledge hammer to the ice on the bow makes me temporarily forget the sweltering temps outside." - CS
19 of 20 Craig Sjodin/ABC


I Survived a Japanese Game Show"This is another newbie that intrigues me. Chopsticks crossed that it'll evoke Banzai, an inscrutable foreign show that entertained me through a long, overseas snowboard season." - AD
20 of 20 Stephen Frink/Corbis/Animal Planet

Shark Week"I grew up by the beach in the 70s. Jaws left a lasting impression." - CS