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See what questions your fave shows left unanswered

1 of 15 Danny Feld/ABC


DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - "Desperate Housewives" concludes the season in fitting fashion with a dramatic two-hour Season Finale, SUNDAY, MAY 18 (9:00-11:00 p.m, ET) on the ABC Television Network. In the second hour, "Free" (10:00-11:00 p.m.), several residen
2 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Criminal MindsThe season ended with each of the BAU members getting into a seperate SUV, one of which exploded. The good news Producers promise the very first shot next season reveals the victim. The bad news Well, you know how long summer can be.
3 of 15 Greg Gayne/Fox


HouseIn the awesome two-part finale, House's drunkneness - and his reliance on Wilson - leads to the shocking death of Amber, Wilson's girlfriend. Will this pair of pals be split forever Can Wilson forgive House Can House forgive himself
4 of 15 Randy Holmes/ABC, ABC


Grey's AnatomyMer and Der's smooch was predictable, the Callie-Hahn lesbian liplock was (kinda) stunt-y and George and Lexie was cute enough. The shocking kiss came courtesy of Izzie and a devastated Alex. The on call room should be busy as ever.
5 of 15 Bill Inoshita/CBS


CSIWe knew (and reported for some time prior to the finale) that Gary Dourdan was leaving the show, but viewers were shocked to see that Warrick was gunned down by Undersherrif McKeen. But producers tease that "we have not seen the last of Warrick."
6 of 15 CBS


How I Met Your MotherTed popped the question, again causing us to wonder if Stella could be the mother. We'll have to wait for answer, but there's a bigger unanswered question: How will Scrubs' move to ABC affect Sarah Chalke's scheduling
7 of 15 Doug Hyun/CBS


CSI: MiamiThe show pulled a Dallas, pumping leading man Horatio Caine full of lead. With so many suspects with so many motives, it could take a while to sort out. In the meantime, please: No "Who Shot Horatio" T-shirts.
8 of 15 Craig Sjodin/ABC


Brothers SistersRebecca is not a Walker. To celebrate, she smooched her not-brother Justin. Kevin realized there is another half-Walker out there just as Holly gained control of the family business.
9 of 15 Kelsey McNeal/NBC


ERIn a hospital where everything explodes eventually, this time it was an ambulance, with Abby, Sam and Pratt in its immediate vicinity. We know one of them will die, but who will it be
10 of 15 Giovanni Rufino / The CW


Gossip GirlSay it ain't so! Dan and Serena are Splitsville, Chuck left Blair on his private jet and Georgina got her just desserts in the form of a parental bitch-slapping.
11 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


LostIt didn't pack the punch of last season's stealth flash-forward, but watching the island disappear and seeing Locke in the coffin made for a satisfying wrap-up. Will their return to the island be as exciting
12 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


BonesBones' beloved Zack turned out to be Gormogon's murderous apprentice. Now who will be there to help Bones solve all those murders Creator Hart Hanson says there'll be a rotation of grad students to fill the void, but will it be the same
13 of 15 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


SupernaturalWill Dean get the hell out of, um, hell Luckily, Dean fans, the answer is yes! Will his major readjustment be as interesting as Buffy's return from heaven
14 of 15 NBC


The OfficeJim's engagement plans went awry with Andy's impromptu proposal to Angela. And then it seems that proposal went awry when Phyllis caught Dwight and Angela in flagrante delicto.
15 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


NCISIs Gibbs really losing his whole team After Director Shepard was killed off, acting director Vance told Dinozzo, McGee and Ziva to take a hike. Will they be replaced, or will Gibbs step in and save his team