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18 People We Want to See on Dancing with the Stars

Who do we have to call to make this happen

Courtney Ennis
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Lindsay Lohan

The queen of scandalous hot messes, Lindsay has been rumored to be on DWTS -- or, to have rejected their advances more accurately -- as far back as 2013. Of course, LiLo is nowhere near as messy today as she was a few years back, when she very well might've "accidentally" taken home the Mirror Ball under her coat. She's a bit more stable now, thank goodness, and would be a huge draw since she's been known to cut a rug -- among other things.

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Teresa Guidice

Teresa has practically begged to be on the show for a while now, and her desperation to win fans back (and earn a check) would likely translate to hyper assertive, puppy-like performances that'll be awfully endearing. She'll fill both the reality show trainwreck and "hot mom moves" roles nicely.

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Billy Zane

Filling both the nostalgia and heart-throb slots DWTS loves to keep in rotation, Billy Zane would bring both over-the-top theater from his experience as a (in a dramatic voice) serious thespian and rely on his dancing chops he used in Demon Knight. And since he's on Freeform's show Guilt, he's literally part of the ABC family -- always a plus.

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Shelia E

Prince's longtime friend and collaborator was famously robbed of her moment to shine at Billboard's tribute to the musical icon, so choosing her would, in effect, be a salute to Prince. As a formidable musician in her own right you know she has some serious, Latin-infused moves in her pocket -- and she's clearly a friend to the show, having appeared on it in 2012.

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Dr. Phil

Every DWTS season needs an old-enough-to-move but not-so-old-they'll-break-a-bone fogey to keep the competition lighthearted in its first weeks, and Dr. Phil is that perfect fogey. Not to be cruel or anything but he'd be here strictly for laughs, and given his ironic self-mocking appearance on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as well as doing a DWTS tribute on his own show, he'd likely be a good sport.

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Johnny Weir

Listen, any excuse to see Johnny Weir do anything is beyond the price of admission, because the accessories, the outfits and the makeup will be ON. POINT. Given the figure skater's athletic history, it should go without saying that he can move pretty well, but who cares? We're here for the glitter, the drama, the sequins on sequins and all the chilly shade he'll throw when things don't go his way. This idea has been tossed around for a while so please, let's make this happen!

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Stacey Dash

If there's any actress in need of redemption it's Stacey Dash, whose often ridiculous political commentary has made her a celebrity everyone loves to hate. She's probably got some moves though, and could be a real-deal contender; given her onetime status as a hip-hop video girl, she knows her way around a dance floor and a booming beat.

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Bobby Brown

Let's throw this man a bone. After losing his daughter Bobbi Kristina not long after his ex-wife Whitney Houston died, Bobby could really use a pick-me-up and we'd take great joy in watching him try to find some good again. And let's not forget that before his life shattered like a poorly secured disco ball, Bobby Brown was once a talented performer with sick moves. Could he do it again today? Probably not. But it would be nice to see him try.

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Odell Beckham Jr.

Here's your athletic celebrity with a superstar following ticket. Not only sexy but also known for being a showman and dancing fool, the New York Giants wide receiver is a prime choice.

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Shirtless as much as possible of course. The R&B crooner has never really been known for executing fancy footwork -- unless of course you count falling to his knees and belting out "ooh baby baby" to screaming women -- but he's got the looks, the drive and, well, the mid-level relevance to make this a good look for him.

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Tim Tebow

Where's this guy been lately? That's exactly the question and criteria that makes the one-time "it" footballer a prime DWTS choice.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson

True story: Neil DeGrasse Tyson can dance. Like, really slay on the floor, tear it up dance. You read that right. In addition to being at the forefront of the celebrity scientist movement (OK, pretty much embodying the celebrity scientist movement) NDeGT was on dancing teams at Harvard and University of Texas at Austin.

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Lea DeLaria

Can Big Boo dance? Probably not, which is precisely why watching her lumber across the floor would be DWTS gold.

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Alec Mapa

The delightful charismatic actor, known mostly for bit parts on Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, bills himself as "America's Gaysian Sweetheart" which, say no more. We need this.

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Logan Paul

Both social media star and a wrester, Logan fills DWTS' internet star position and is clearly comfortable making a complete goof of himself and performing in an embarrassingly revealing costume. He also has superhero abs and the chiseled, milky face of a statue in front of Caesar's Palace which is basically like starting DWTS with two wins in your pocket.

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Will Friedle

Boy Meets World's Will Friedle bridges the gaps between millennials and moms, and, having been a kid rapper, likely still has some of that magic left.

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Maia Mitchell

Nothing seals a Dancing with the Stars season like a good old Disney princess and Maia fits that mouse-eared cap perfectly. The Teen Beach star is used to the demands of a musical and her, uh, street cred from The Fosters means a built-in audience of fans.

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David Faustino

This rapper would give DWTS a whopping dose of musical authenticity as well as '90s cred, which is totally on trend right now. Oh yeah, and he starred on some show Married with Children back in the day, too.