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Christmas List for Madison Montgomery Fans

Bring some bitchcraft to your holiday shopping list

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17 Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Madison Montgomery from American Horror Story

It may be the apocalypse on American Horror Story's latest season, but Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts)'s ferocity is still alive and well. The Coven alum joined the line-up of nuclear winter survivors this year, even if it did mean resurrecting her from her own personal hell of customers returning items to her as a cashier. For fans of the snappy character, here's a handy shopping list that ensures you won't end up on the receiving end of one of her miserable transactions in the underworld.

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So much shade

One thing Madison is never cynical about is her love of designer sunglasses.

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Warm and sassy

Madison is also known for her chic selection of jackets, as with this black faux fur coat.

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Funeral ready radness

Others might default to ordinary little black dresses, but Madison likes to rock the off-the-shoulders look with lots of lace.

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Stole it

Another of Madison's most memorable looks is when she sported this faux fur shawl -- a look that can easily be replicated this winter by the discerning fan.

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Baddest witch tank

She might not be the Supreme, but no one can top Madison's unique badditude.

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Normal people scare me sweatshirt

Tate Langdon might be the one who said this phrase, but it's still got Madison's moxie alright.

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Coven coffee mug

Celebrate the season, quite literally speaking, by sipping your tea alongside the Coven girls.

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Apocalypse shirt

Of *course* the AHS fan in your life will love the most recent season, if for no other reason than the fact that it gave Madison a chance to utter her iconic phrase ("surprise bitch!") again.

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Miss Robichaux's Academy tee

Sadly, fans cannot sign up to get instructions at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, but they can always pretend.

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Apocalypse notebook

What better reminder to take notes than the show's glib look at the apocalypse?

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Leather two-piece

It takes some guts to pull of Madison's two-piece halter ensemble, but the look sure is powerful,.

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Tress test

Nothing completes a pulled-back ponytail look better than a simple headband like Madison's.

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Cossack hat

Not everyone can pull off the Russian assassin look, but for those who can, this accessory should help do the trick.

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Peasant chic

Madison doesn't always default to her long black garbs. Sometimes she mixes it up, as with this simple red maxi dress.

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Funky footwear

Dotted thigh high socks might not have been on your radar for a cool ensemble before, but now that Madison's made it work, the look is pretty clutch for the cold season.

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Bitchcraft socks

Who doesn't need a little bitchcraft on tap every now and again?

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Seeing silver

Madison's foil print pants were divine and can add some flare to just about anyone's closet.

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