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Every tragedy involving a young star makes us wonder why anyone lets kids go into show business. But these former child stars, at least, seem to be doing OK.

1 of 11 Darren Michaels/Fox Searchlight

Drew Barrymore

The E.T. star had early and well-publicized battles with drugs and alcohol, but seemed to have shaken her adult demons by the end of her teens. Now she's an acclaimed actress, producer and director, who is, so far as we can tell, doing just fine.
2 of 11 courtesy Sherwood Pictures

Kirk Cameron

The Growing Pains star became a born-again Christian whose religious-themed Fireproof was the most successful independent film of 2008. Whether or not you share his religious fervor, there's no denying: He seems to be doing just fine.
3 of 11 David Gray/Fox

Jackie Earle Haley

The Bad News Bears was justly praised for his role in Little Children as a sex criminal struggling to reform. He later wowed audiences as the deadly vigilante Rorschach in Watchmen. He currently stars in Fox's Human Target and will next appear in the revamped Nightmare on Elm Street. His career these days seems to bear nothing but good news.
4 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox; Sonja Flemming/CBS; Jason Kempin/WireImage.com

Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, Josh Saviano

Whoever guided this trio through their Wonder Years seems to have done a fine job. Savage directs, Saviano's an attorney, and McKellar, who has written three books encouraging girls to excel in math, is pregnant with her first child.
5 of 11 John P. Johnson/HBO

Anna Paquin

The actress, who won an Oscar at 11 for her role in The Piano, has gone on to star as the X-Men's Rogue and as the lead in HBO's True Blood. Engaged to co-star Stephen Moyer, how could she not be doing just fine?
6 of 11 courtesy Universal Pictures

Jodie Foster

Considering her first major role was as a pre-teen prostitute in Taxi Driver, and that the guy who shot President Reagan harbored an obsession with her, it's kind of amazing that Jodie Foster seems to be doing great. The two-time Oscar winner for best actress comes off as one of the most level-headed people in Hollywood. She's also a director and producer who's had an asteroid named for her. You really can't do much better than that.
7 of 11 courtesy Universal Pictures

Peter Billingsley

The star of the classic A Christmas Story didn't shoot his eye out, but did shoot yards of film as the producer of Couples Retreat, starring close friend Vince Vaughn. Billingsley's executive producing credits include Four Christmases and — ensuring that he can buy all the Red Ryders he could ever want — Iron Man. All this and he also still acts.
8 of 11 Paramount Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio

No one knows what really became of this Growing Pains cutie, but since he's stayed out of the headlines all these years, we're going to assume he's doing okay.
9 of 11 Chris Haston/NBC

Alyssa Milano

The Who's the Boss star transitioned into adulthood with a series of sexed-up grown-up roles in the mid-'90s before settling back into the shows Melrose Place, Spin City, and Charmed. With her latest series, Romantically Challenged, slated for later this year, the real-life newlywed seems to be more than a little okay.
10 of 11 courtesy Lionsgate

Keshia Knight Pulliam

The former Rudy apparently skipped the concept of awkward years as she took a break between The Cosby Show and grown-up parts Beauty Shop and Madea Goes to Jail, among other films. With a recurring role on the hit House of Payne, she looks to be doing just fine.
11 of 11 courtesy People

Saved by the Bell Cast

Nary a foul word is written about any of the cast, except by Dustin Diamond (Screech), who wrote a recent tell-all. Though he wasn't included in a recent reunion shot (perhaps because of that very tell-all), he is a published author.