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These gems stand the test of time.

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Full House may have ended in 1995, but it made a lasting impression on our vernacular. And with Netflix's Fuller House on the horizon, it's time to brush up on a few key one-liners.

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"You Got It, Dude"

Perhaps the most used (and reused) GIF of all time. The phrase plays into any conversation.

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"Have Mercy"

Other people in the Tanner clan used this phrase, but it was naturally Uncle Jesse's. Each time a pretty lady walked into his world, Jesse let this one out.

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"Is it made out of...wood?"

When Uncle Joey bugs Uncle Jesse with a silly Mr. Woodchuck voice, comedy ensues. Bonus when the puppet makes an appearance.

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"Well, pin a rose on your nose"

Translation: "Well, aren't you special?" A phrase that couldn't have come from anyone other than middle child Stephanie Tanner.

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"Don't call me squirt!"

Michelle was adorable, but she could decisively put you in your place as well. Be careful what you call this little firecracker.

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“No way, Jose”

Again, don't mess with Michelle.

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"Watch the hair" / "Not the hair"

Just like Samson, Uncle Jesse's strength relied heavily on that gorgeous head of hair. OK, maybe it wasn't that serious but he sure made it out to be. If anyone or anything (looking at you, Mr. Woodchuck) ever got close to those strands, Jesse let them know to back off. If you've got highly touchable hair, you've used this one yourself a few times.

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"Cut. It. Out."

Uncle Joey was a comedian, but he didn't have many bits funnier than "Cut. It. Out." If you're going to use this one, it's ever-so-important to use the hand motions to really pull it off.

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"Don't worry, be happy"

#tbt to a time in the '90s when the talented Bobby McFerrin could help us forget about all of our troubles with a simple song. Michelle supported the be-happy movement and implemented the phrase into daily conversation.

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"You're in big trouble, Mister"

Kids say the darndest things. Michelle says the darndest-est.

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If you're trying to trace back to the point in time when you went from merely watching Full House to becoming smart-mouthed teens, this was probably it. Kimmy Gibbler's boyfriend, Duane, coined this phrase and the rest was history.

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"Oh, please"

Translation: "Get over yourself." That Michelle was such a little spitfire!

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This one was part of everyone's vernacular in the '90s and early '00s, whether they were Full House viewers or not. Thanks, Michelle, for yet another tried-and-true phrase.

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"Oh, Mylanta!"

D.J. gave us possibly the best soundbite for swooning when she gave us "Oh, Mylanta!" Feel free to use this anytime you fall in love at first sight.

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"How Rude!"

How rude, indeed, Stephanie!

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"Aw, nuts!"

When "Oh, no!" just isn't enough. Michelle's colorful vocabulary saves us once again.

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That's a wrap!

Now you know that you can thank Michelle and the rest of the Tanner gang for the '90s phrases you probably still use today.