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The Jenner sisters prove that even teenage fashion icons can have an off-day...or 13!

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1. Kylie's Denim Nightshirt

Maybe this is how all the cool kids like to nap these days. You know: In a denim sleep shirt. In the middle of a Soho sidewalk. Beds and pajamas are for old people.

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2. Kendall Shreds It

There's nothing wrong with a little fringe or a single rip in your jeans. But hiring a mako shark as a stylist will always backfire. Always.

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3. Kylie in Flight

You know that saying: Every time a teenager buys a pair of leather pants, a Jenner gets her wings.

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4. Kendall Goes Sky-High

The gravity-defying slits! The Maleficent-style purple lining! The fabric recovered from Catherine the Great's guest bathroom! So bad it's good.

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5. This.

We know that Kendall has no control over what she wears on the runway. What she will have is a hell of a cold in a couple of days.

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6. Kylie Invents The Shant

It's a shirt that morphs into little pants. You could mock it, or you could accept that we'll all be buying these in five years.

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8. Kendall Rocks Fur Epaulets

Be warned: This is what happens to yetis when they mess with anyone in this family.

8 of 13 Humberto Carreno/startraksphoto.com

9. Kylie Feels the Breeze

Don't judge. Maybe all of her leather pants are in the wash.

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10. Kendall's a Drag

Maybe the Balmain after-party she was going to was a sleepover?

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11. There are no words

Just, none.

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12. Kylie's All-Weather Fash

Fun fact: Kardashians have access to top-secret rain forecasts that the rest of us don't get. Until it's too late.

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13. Kendall Rules

Another fun fact: In Britain, you're not supposed to wear a tiara unless you're married. In the U.S., you don't get to wear one unless you have a sister who's been naked on the cover of "Paper" magazine.

13 of 13 Joey Andrew/startraksphoto.com

14. Kendall, the Most Hole-y

Those aren't holes in her jeans. They're pockets of limited-edition designer air.