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Ever since Sam & Cat went off the air, television has been sorely missing the now super hot pop star. So here are a few shows that could really use a shot of Grande

Shaun Harrison
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The Big Bang Theory

If Ariana Grande invited her close personal friends Jessie J. and Nicki Minaj, this show would be more like The Big Bang (Bang) Theory. Amirite?!
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Love & Hip Hop

High-profile hip-hop boyfriend? Yeah, she's got that. Thirst for the spotlight? Check. And, well, that's really all she needs.
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Criminal Minds

Ariana Grande deals with her share of overzealous admirers. Chances are she knows a thing or two that could help the crew solve crimes.
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Hawaii Five-0

One of Ariana Grande's first gigs was on a cruise ship. She's equipped to brave those island waves.
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Once Upon A Time

Ariana Grande could easily be a new fairy on Once Upon A Time, due mostly to her perfectly petite stature. She's just so tiny!
6 of 13 Corbis; FOX

The Simpsons

What do all of the characters on The Simpsons have in common? Well, a number of things. But one is that their hairstyles rarely change, if ever. Same goes for Ariana Grande! If she keeps rockin' that perfect pony (except for the occasional MTV EMA appearance, of course) she'll be a model Springfield citizen.
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The Young and the Restless

She's both! Plus, Ariana Grande's reputation for drama--true or not--could allow her crank up the emotions on any soap.
8 of 13 Corbis

CSI Miami

Ariana Grande grew up near Fort Lauderdale. Let's get her on the squad. She knows those south Florida streets!
9 of 13 CBS; Corbis

2 Broke Girls

As the uber-talented classmate of Caroline Channing who just so happens to stop by the diner? Yeah that sounds like a plan.
10 of 13 Corbis; AMC

Mad Men

All we know is, Ariana Grande's got go-go boots galore. Maybe she could help Don Draper perfect that '60s style.
11 of 13 FOX, Splash

Family Guy

Isn't it time Meg got a cool friend? Ariana Grande was a great bud in the Victorious spin-off Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. Come on, give Meg a break!
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American Horror Story: Freak Show

Word is that Ariana loved dressing up all spooky when she was younger. American Horror Story might just be the perfect show to let her inner freakshow resurface.
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The Grammy Awards

We're sure one of music's biggest stars will have a prime time spot for music's biggest night? Right, if not, too bad for them. Everything's better with a little Ariana Grande.