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Multi-talented performer Melissa Benoist can sing, dance, act, and, now, she can fly. Set to star in CBS' upcoming superhero series, Benoist has already proved she's got what it takes to be a real supergirl.

Doriean Stevenson
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Super doesn't even begin to describe her

An actress and songstress, Melissa Benoist is packed with talent. Here's how she went from starlet to superhero.

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1. She fought hard to be Supergirl

Only after completing a host of auditions, screen tests, and months of waiting did she officially snag the role to be TV's next superpowered wunderkind. She certainly made an impression-- she was the first person to audition for the role!

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2. She's pretty stoked to play Kara Zor-El

On Twitter, Benoist said she's so happy she can fly! CBS is pretty stoked, too, moving up the series premiere from November to October 26.

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3. She's a heroine for our age

Supergirl brings a much-needed dose of girl power to primetime, and people are paying attention.

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4. She's not from around here

Her Supergirl character, Kara Zor-El, is from another planet entirely. Melissa, however, was born in Texas and grew up in a Littleton, Colorado.

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5. Before saving the world, Benoist was helping to save Glee Club at McKinley High

As the sweet, naive Marley Rose, Benoist starred on Fox's musical comedy-drama Glee in its fourth and fifth seasons as part of the next generation of New Direction performers.

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6. She found offscreen love with her on-screen love interest

The Glee couple known as "Ryley" lives on; Benoist and former Glee co-star Blake Jenner have been a real-life couple since 2012.

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7. She's a missus

The "Ryley" duet continues! The match made in TV's favorite musical theater class wed in 2015.

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8. She's not afraid of a little ink

So far, she has three tattoos: a wolf on her left wrist, a bicycle on her left foot, and a feather plus the word "free" on the nape of her neck.

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9. She holds her own in the indie film scene

Benoist plays opposite Miles Teller's intense drummer in Whiplash and Al Pacino's over-the-hill rocker in Danny Collins. She's set to reunite with Whiplash production company Blumhouse in Lowriders, which centers on the East LA car scene.

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10. She shared the spotlight with another multitalented TV star

At the 2013 Kerrigan-Lowdermilk West Coast Debut, Benoist and Sarah Hyland of Modern Family sang their hearts out in "Freedom" from the musical The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown. Benoist performed in a production of the musical way off Broadway (Connecticut) in 2011.

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11. She got her start in film with a music legend

Way before Glee and Supergirl, Benoist received her first credit from the indie movie Tennessee, starring Mariah Carey and produced by Empire's Lee Daniels.

13 of 18 Bonnie Osborne / CBS

12. She performs a lot of her own stunts

Working alongside Supergirl stunt double Shauna Duggins, Benoist jumps at the chance of doing many of her own fight moves and flying.

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13. On Supergirl, she shares scenes with another crooner

Smash and The Last Five Years actor-singer Jeremy Jordan is set to appear on Supergirl as Winslow "Winn" Scott, a techie with a bit of a crush on Benoist's Kara. With their musical talents super-evident, is it too early to ask for an all-singing episode?

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14. Benoist made a bold intro to prestige television with a guest stint on Homeland

In a small role as Stacy Moore, Benoist bared it all as a young woman interviewing for a two-year position in a harem. Her interviewer turned out to be a CIA informant for Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes).

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15. No stranger to romance, Benoist is a Nicholas Sparks vet

She played Marcia, bestie to Britt Robertson's Sophia, in the film adaptation of Sparks's The Longest Ride.

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16. She easily morphs from girl with the red "S" to girl on the red carpet

And flawlessly, we might add.

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17. She's poised to stand the test of time

With Supergirl taking off this fall, and considering Melissa's success so far, there's no stopping this rising star.