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See the docs who keep the ER extra steamy

1 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), House

The eyes! The hair! The accent! Chase is a triple threat for the lovely ladies of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. So why did it take him three seasons to finally hook up with Cameron? Though Chase tends to side with Surly McSurly House, he revealed a softer, more spiritual side after telling a patient he was a seminary student before heading into medicine. Bring on the Thorn Birds moments!
2 of 15 Fox

Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), Prison Break

Dr. Sara may not be super-hot in a traditional sense, but her smokin' chemistry with Michael caught our attention from Day 1. Plus, we love that she's tough, no-nonsense and loyal.
3 of 15 Eric McCandless/ABC

Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs), Private Practice

The heartsick Dr. Bennett — who doesn't do a whole lot of actual doctoring on this show — still finds the time to appear shirtless at least once in every episode. Not that we're complaining...
4 of 15 Carin Baer/Fox

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones

All that smarty-pants science talk can't hide the fact that she's a total babe! Her partner Booth loves her unfiltered observations of the human condition — living and dead — but we bet he loves her fantastic smile and twinkly blue eyes even more.
5 of 15 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), Scrubs

She's quirky, neurotic and unlucky in love (though we're rooting for her to end up with J.D.). But most of all, she's a hottie who makes us laugh. Whether wearing her workaday scrubs or a naughty nurse's uniform in one of J.D.'s fantasies, Elliot is just what the doctor ordered.
6 of 15 Prashant Gupta/FX

Christian (Julian McMahon), Nip/Tuck

He knows his way around the female, both in the operating room and out. Chicks dig the suave doc, whose way with words makes women make lots of bad decisions.
7 of 15 Warner Bros./NBC

Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra), ER

It was hard to imagine this Bend It Like Beckham star playing a doctor, but this super-talented cutie went from reticent med-school student to assertive ER doc in no time. Her combination of beauty and brains has made for a busy, if troubled personal life.
8 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), House

He's rude, crude and socially unacceptable — but is House also sexy? Is it the stubble? The piercing blue eyes? His razor-sharp wit and intelligence? Perhaps the combination is the winning prescription.
9 of 15 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney), ER

Yes, Abby is smart and sexy, but she's also dangerous. Girlfriend likes her sauce. While Dr. Lockhart, capable ER doc, is fun to watch, it's Abby the slurry recovering alcoholic — and her various falls off the wagon — that really intubates our blood gases, if you knowhutimsayin.
10 of 15 Adam Taylor/Fox

Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), House

The sexiest thing about Dr. Foreman is his confidence. Nobody stands up to House's special brand of crazy better.
11 of 15 Eric McCandless/ABC

Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), Private Practice

No doctor (TV or otherwise) has a better wardrobe than Addison, and she knows exactly how to play up her assets. Sure, McDreamy kicked her to the curb, but she's never single for too long.
12 of 15 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox), Lost

How can you not love Jack? He's heroic, handsome, rugged and extremely sensitive. We'd gladly be stranded on an island with him — sorry, we had to go there!
13 of 15 Bob D'Amico

Izzie Stephens (Katherine Heigl), Grey's Anatomy

How many doctors do you know that have put themselves through medical school by posing for underwear ads? Thought so.
14 of 15 Randy Holmes/ABC

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Grey's Anatomy

McDreamy has been making viewers swoon since we glimpsed his bare bum in the pilot episode. Who could blame Mer for falling instantly in love with his charm, enviable head of hair and entrancing blue eyes? The fact that he's a brilliant surgeon is just icing on the cake.
15 of 15 NBC/Everett Collection

Doug Ross (George Clooney), ER

Forget that he's classically handsome and basically wrote the book on being a hot doctor. The dude's a pediatrician. Cue the awwwwwws. A sexy man who saves little kids? How can we compete with that?