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Everyone who's anyone wants to be Emma Roberts.

Doriean Stevenson
1 of 17 Fox

1. Whenever she screams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Emma Roberts in Scream Queens! Emma links up with fellow young starlets Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Skyler Samuels for this sexy and super creepy new Fox show.

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2. Every time she's the ultimate mean girl

In Scream Queens, Emma is Chanel, a tyrannical sorority president determined to make her pledges' lives hell.

3 of 17 Andrew Kelly / Corbis

3. When she walks on the red carpet

Emma takes cues from those who've walked before her and owns every red carpet she sets foot on. If that doesn't incite a little bit a jealousy, nothing will.

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4. The times she's kinda spooky

The American Horror Story obsession is here to stay, and Emma Roberts fueled said obsession by lighting up the small screen in two very successful seasons: American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

5 of 17 Splash

5. When fins don't phase her

Life tip No. 175: If you find a mermaid in a local swimming pool, don't freak out too much. Emma learned this lesson when she starred in the film Aquamarine as Claire.

6 of 17 Splash

6. Every time she's fearless

Her shocked face is on point, but Emma's not running! She had a scary good time at the Scream Queens premiere and screening in Los Angeles.

7 of 17 Nickelodeon

7. When she's fabulous without even trying

Emma's first big role came thanks to Nickelodeon. She played Addie on Unfabulous, a show about a semi-nerdy, guitar-playing 13-year-old just trying to make it through middle school. Emma's portrayal was so lovable that it scored her a Teen Choice Award nomination.

8 of 17 Fox

8. Everytime she's hilarious

Emma had the cheerful honor of joining the cast of Family Guy for one episode. She played Chris Griffin's sweet travel pal Amanda Barrington.

9 of 17 New Line Cinema

9. When she discovered family values... sort of

In We're The Millers, Emma was a hoodlum pick-pocket- turned-world's greatest daughter (who was in it for the money). The hilarious film also starred Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis.

10 of 17 Fox

10. When she freaks us out

In 2007, Emma refreshed a classic character when she took on the role of Nancy Drew in a film of the same name. She showed us how to work a magnifying glass like a magic wand, and for that we are forever grateful.

11 of 17 Fox

11. Every time she bewitches us

Much like her spell-binding role as Madison in American Horror Story: Coven, Emma's attitude brings a desirable element to her roles. It certainly helps that she's perfected the sweltering stare.

12 of 17 Corbis

12. Every time she stands with greatness

Emma and her American Horror Story co-stars Evan Peters and Gabourey Sidibe can't help but exude excellence.

13 of 17 New Line Cinema

13. That time she shared the screen with Johnny Depp

Emma played Johnny Depp's daughter in the film Blow, which was pretty awesome for the then 10-year-old. It was one of her first films and she portrayed George Jung's young daughter, Kristina, in the heartbreaking film based on a true story.

14 of 17 New Line Cinema

14. When she's lovable

Emma joined a power-packed cast (which included her famous aunt, Julia Roberts) as a teen learning to decipher the difference between lust and love in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day.

15 of 17 Splash

15. When she leads a cast full of young hotties

At the Scream Queens premiere event, Emma was nestled within one of the sexiest casts on television today.

16 of 17 Fox

16. The moment we realized that her future is so bright

Sure, you'll catch Emma on Fox's Scream Queens, but that's not all she's up to. She is currently filming Nerve with Juliette Lewis, Dave Franco, and Orange Is The New Black star Kimiko Glenn.

17 of 17 Splash

17. When the reasons to love her keep on coming

On top of Nerve, Emma will appear in the upcoming romantic comedy Ashby, starring Sarah Silverman and Mickey Rourke, which looks amazing. The Emma Roberts envy shows no sign of stopping, folks!