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Take a look at this Battlestar Galactica prequel with our handy primer

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Spoiler Alert:This gallery contains plot spoilers from the Caprica DVD.Caprica may be a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, but the story takes place completely on the ground. (No space opera here!) Producers insist you can enjoy Caprica without ever having seen one frame of BSG.
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Caprica and the names of the 11 colonies were inspired by the signs of our own zodiac calendar.

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Caprica takes place 58 years before the beginning of Battlestar Galactica, and takes its look and feel from 1950s America.
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The planet Caprica and 11 other colonized planets were nuked by the Cylons in the Battlestar miniseries.
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Before Caprica was nuked, it was home to several Battlestar Galactica characters, including Bill Adama, Laura Roslin and Saul Tigh.
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On Caprica, Esai Morales plays Joseph Adama, a civil liberties lawyer and father to future Admiral Bill Adama. Joseph's daughter Tamara meets a tragic end in the pilot movie.
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Eric Stoltz plays the patriarch of the second featured family on the show, the Graystones. He's a computer genius, who clearly passed along his talents to his daughter Zoe. She installs the rudimentary elements of her personality into a machine, laying the groundwork for creating a digital twin of herself, Zoe-A.
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Religion on Caprica and the 11 colonies is polytheistic, much like our ancient Roman society. A terrorist bomb in the pilot was brought on by a new fanatical religious movement to promote one god only.
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Polly Walker stars as Sister Clarice Willow, who works at Zoe's school and encourages Zoe's boyfriend to become a martyr for the monotheistic movement.
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After Zoe's death in the bombing, Daniel discovers her virtual copy. He becomes obsessed with using raw materials and some stolen technology to create a robotic version of his late daughter. This robot is known as Zoe-R, and is like a Cylonic Eve — the first of her kind.