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As winter bears down, we can take comfort in getting our weather news from some of the most handsome faces on television

cathy suhocki
Rob Marciano, Sexy Weathermen
1 of 10 Ida Mae Astute/ABC

1. Rob Marciano from ABC News

There's hot, and then there gorgeous-guy-holding-a-puppy hot. And then there's the next level: Impossibly attractive ABC News meteorologist holding a Hurricane Katrina flood puppy. You're welcome.

2 of 10 BBC, Attitude Active Magazine

2. Tomasz Schafernaker of YOUR DREAMS BBC

Before you get too into this guy, you should know that he's foreign. But not that foreign. He does weather for the BBC across the pond. The next time he predicts clear skies, we are so on the next Virgin flight out of here.

3 of 10 WOOD TV8

3. Matt Kirkwood of NBC Grand Rapids

Quite clearly the Don Draper of meteorologists, Matt hails (weather joke!) from Michigan, where he delivers forecasts for, um, WOOD TV. Not a misprint.

4 of 10 KARE-11 TV

4. Sven Sundgaard of NBC 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul

He hails from Minnesota--of course--where he makes us all warm and fuzzy with his forecasts of snow, sleet, and, um, does it matter? And one of his favorite vacation spots? Scandinavia. Duh. Where the sexy people hang out.

5 of 10 FOX 5 NY News

5. Mike Woods of FOX NY

Does this photo need a caption? No. No, it does not need a caption.

6 of 10 NBC 4 Washington

6. Doug Kammerer of NBC 4 in Washington D.C.

This D.C.-based weather hottie is caught up in some kind of, like, Handsome Vortex.

7 of 10 6ABC Action News

7. Adam Joseph from Philadelphia’s ABC 6

Know what makes this Philadelphia guy cuter than he already is? He's wanted to be a weatherman since he was 4 years old. I know, right?

8 of 10 CBS 11 News

8. Larry Mowry from CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

Hot, and academic: Mowry has his certification from the American Meteorological Society and has co-authored two research papers on tornadoes and severe weather.

9 of 10 FOX 2 News

9. Alan Longstreet from FOX Detroit

As a child, Longstreet says in his bio, "I spent my winters sledding down the side of the county dump and summers perusing the wildly informative Farm Museum." Is sarcasm hot? Oh, yes it is!

10 of 10 KHOU 11 News

10. Brooks Garner of KHOU in Houston

Garner claims to be the only broadcast weather reporter to have flown into Hurricane Sandy. While it was hurricane-ing. Brave? Foolhardy? Who cares? He's hot!