Zachery Bryan

  • Birth Name: Zachery Ty Bryan
  • Birth Place: Colorado, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Producer
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Tue Apr 23 3:30pm
Home ImprovementBud Bowl(Season 5, Episode 20) CMT

Tim fears that his future will wind up in the gutter after he and Jill outbowl his boss and his boss's wife. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Jean: Bever-Leigh Banfield. Angela: Kristin Clayton. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

Tue Apr 23 4:00pm
Home ImprovementEngine and a Haircut, Two Fights(Season 5, Episode 21) CMT

Tim takes a hard line against Brad's haircut; Jill and Wilson debate who's the better Juliet to help Randy rehearse as Romeo. Kendall: Joseph Whipp. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

Tue Apr 23 4:30pm
Home ImprovementThe Longest Day(Season 5, Episode 22) CMT

Tim and Jill endure a 24-hour wait to learn the results of a test on a lump in Randy's neck. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Al: Richard Karn.

Tue Apr 23 5:00pm
Home ImprovementMr. Wilson's Opus(Season 5, Episode 23) CMT

Wilson agrees to direct Randy's school production of "Romeo and Juliet," but his perfectionism alienates the cast and crew, including set designer Tim. Sharon: Laura Bell Bundy. Todd: Patrick Renna. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (more…)

Tue Apr 23 5:30pm
Home ImprovementShopping Around(Season 5, Episode 24) CMT

Tim's mother and his former shop teacher make a cute couple, but Tim and Jill spy the teacher with another woman. Lucille: Bonnie Bartlett. Art: Dick O'Neill. Antonio: Vasili Bogazianos. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

Wed Apr 24 3:00pm
Home ImprovementWorkshop 'til You Drop(Season 6, Episode 3) CMT

To improve their communication, Jill drags Tim to a couples therapy workshop, where Tim opens up---about Jill's faults. Emory: Jim Jansen. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Howard: Sherman Howard.

Wed Apr 24 3:30pm
Home ImprovementBurnin' Love(Season 6, Episode 4) CMT

Randy insists that his new girlfriend is not a "girlfriend." But he's not thrilled when she goes out with someone else. Courtney Peldon. Jason: Jarrad Paul. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

Wed Apr 24 4:00pm
Home ImprovementAl's Video(Season 6, Episode 5) CMT

Al selects Tim to direct his how-to video. But Tim's "vision" leads to creative differences---and his firing. Harry: Blake Clark. Felix: Al Fann. Ilene: Sherry Hursey. Waiter: Vasili Bogazianos. Al: Richard Karn.

Wed Apr 24 4:30pm
Home ImprovementWhose Car Is It Anyway?(Season 6, Episode 6) CMT

Jill uses an inheritance to buy a foreign sports car, which she prohibits Tim from driving. But how often does Tim listen to Jill? Jerry: Drew Pillsbury. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Al: Richard Karn.

Wed Apr 24 5:00pm
Home ImprovementI Was a Teenage Taylor(Season 6, Episode 7) CMT

In a battle of Halloween pranks, Brad and Randy score first, then thwart Tim and Jill's retaliatory effort. But who will laugh last? Larry: Larry Hankin. Al: Richard Karn. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Wed Apr 24 5:30pm
Home ImprovementJill and Her Sisters(Season 6, Episode 8) CMT

Jill's sisters, who are "neurotic---especially when they argue," arrive to plan their parents' anniversary party. And it's neuroses on parade! Linda: Carlene Watkins. Tracy: Maryedith Burrell. Carrie: Tudi Roche. Delores: Shirley Prestia.

Thu Apr 25 3:00pm
Home ImprovementThe Flirting Game(Season 6, Episode 13) CMT

After Jill chastises Tim for buying a saleswoman's flirtatious act, she's caught flirting (albeit subconsciously) to get out of a ticket. Matthews: Rick Lenz. Off. Hiller: Mike Starr. Patty: Tammy Lauren. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

Thu Apr 25 3:30pm
Home ImprovementThe Karate Kid Returns(Season 6, Episode 14) CMT

Randy is teased at school after Mark intervenes in his scuffle with a bully; and the Beach Boys visit their cousin Wilson. Lauren: Courtney Peldon. Eric: Josh Paddock. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Al: Richard Karn.

Thu Apr 25 4:00pm
Home ImprovementTotally Tool Time(Season 6, Episode 15) CMT

"Tool Time" is taped in front of Swedish buyers who are considering the show for the European market. Sy: Drew Carey. Fred: Harry Groener. June: Gretchen German. Director: Peter Bonerz. Bjorn: Craig Richard Nelson. Al: Richard Karn.

Thu Apr 25 4:30pm
Home ImprovementA Funny Valentine(Season 6, Episode 16) CMT

A singer hints that she had an affair with Tim's father; Tim forgets where he hid Jill's Valentine's Day gift. Liddy: Anne Francis. Tina: Janeane Garofalo. Mel: Anthony Russell. Tim: Tim Allen. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Al: Richard Karn.

Thu Apr 25 5:00pm
Home ImprovementWilson's World(Season 6, Episode 17) CMT

After a critic declares performance artist Wilson out of touch with reality, the Taylors' neighbor decides to be more like...Tim. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Stuart: Robert Forrest. Benny: Jim Labriola. Harry: Blake Clark.

Thu Apr 25 5:30pm
Home ImprovementSomething Old, Someone Blue(Season 6, Episode 18) CMT

The night before his wedding, Al expresses doubts about whether Ilene is right for him. Al: Richard Karn. Ilene: Sherry Hursey. Patty: Tammy Lauren. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Harry: Blake Clark. Tim: Tim Allen.

Fri Apr 26 3:00pm
Home ImprovementThe Feminine Mistake(Season 6, Episode 23) CMT

Jill protests the inequality between Brad and his girlfriend, who's doing his laundry and cleaning his room. Angela: Kristin Clayton. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

Fri Apr 26 3:30pm
Home ImprovementTaps(Season 6, Episode 24) CMT

Jill's father passes away the day after she fibs that she's ill in order to postpone his visit. And the lie lingers when she arrives back home for the funeral. Lillian: Polly Holliday. Linda: Carlene Watkins. Tracy: Maryedith Burrell. Jill: Patricia Richar (more…)

Fri Apr 26 4:00pm
Home ImprovementKiss and Kiss Off(Season 6, Episode 25) CMT

A visit from original---and beloved---"Tool Time" girl Lisa (Pamela Lee) has Heidi feeling threatened; Randy and Lauren go on a date. Lauren: Courtney Peldon. Heidi: Debbe Dunning. Waiter: Vasili Bogazianos. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Fri Apr 26 4:30pm
Home ImprovementQuest for Fire(Season 7, Episode 1) CMT

At their vacation site in northern Michigan, Tim informs the family that he wants to move there permanently. Lauren: Courtney Peldon. Jenny: Veronica Lauren. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Diane: Ashley Peldon. Tim: Tim Allen.

Fri Apr 26 5:00pm
Home ImprovementClash of the Taylors(Season 7, Episode 2) CMT

Journalist Randy takes a hard line with Tim's boss in an interview about Binford's poor pollution record. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Ronny: Kaylan Romero. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

Fri Apr 26 5:30pm
Home ImprovementRoom at the Top(Season 7, Episode 3) CMT

Tim starts converting the attic into an office for Jill, who changes her mind after a required stint in therapy. Patty: Tammy Lauren. Doug: George Del Hoyo. Breen: Jack Blessing. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

Sun Apr 28 10:00am
The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThere's the Rub(Season 6, Episode 10) BET

Conclusion. Will and Philip are arrested at a massage parlor on Thanksgiving; Hilary and Carlton get a lesson in humility at the homeless shelter. Tiny: Rosey Brown. Steve: Zachery Ty Bryan. Candy: Jeannie Michelle.

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