Zach Woods

  • Birth Place: Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Profession: Actor
Rock Climbing with Ashima Shiraishi
03:59 — James heads to the roof to learn how to climb from 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi, one of the world's best climbers.
Friday Night Fights With Keith Olbermann
05:10 — The coliseum is open for another pic Friday Night Fight throw down, this time with the guy who's been fired from more jobs than you'll ever have.
Two Zachs, One Couch (w/ Zach Woods & Zac Efron)
02:55 — James asks Zac Efron and Zach Woods about growing up and James randomly pegs one of Efron's old nicknames, Z-Bone, before educating his guests on the (more…)
The IT Guys w/ Orlando Bloom
04:47 — When James Corden's sultry IT solutions can't solve a problem in the office, he calls in Orlando Bloom for backup and the two perform a duo that would (more…)
We've Got a Melania, Robert Mueller & Paul Ryan for the Trump Movie
01:43 — When James cites Luke Wilson looking like special counsel Robert Mueller and Zach Woods looking like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the couch realize (more…)
Zach Woods Wasn't Much of a Little Leaguer
02:05 — James asks Zach Woods about playing sports growing up and learns that Zach wasn't much of a baseball player, despite his father hiring people to coach (more…)
Lisa Kudrow & Zach Woods Were Both Neurotic Children
05:05 — Lisa Kudrow and Zach Woods quickly realize their childhood neuroses set the foundation for two very similar people.
Naked High School Yearbook Photo Lands 69 Charges
03:49 — James looks at a story of a high school student's prank of posing for the team picture nude has him facing a host of sex crime charges.
Stephen Gets His Birthday Ribs
01:13 — It's Stephen's birthday! Time for the traditional parade of ribs and costumed characters!
Short Story Long: Ogre & Little Girl
01:47 — Ben Schwartz, Zach Woods, Susan Sarandon, and Tig Notaro improvise a modern day fairy tale.
Lady Emojis Tap Against The Glass Ceiling
03:39 — It's time to lean in, Lady Emojis.
Flinch w/ Shawn Mendes, Hillary Swank & Zach Woods
06:31 — James invites his guests Shawn Mendes, Hillary Swank and Zach Woods to test their nerves in a game of Flinch, in which various fruit is shot out of a (more…)
Zach Woods Explains Monster Erotica
02:04 — When James asks Zach Woods about the experience of moving in with his girlfriend, Zach explains how she is currently shooting a series that includes a (more…)
Where is Dr. Ben Carson's Luggage?
03:32 — After James recaps Donald Trump's weekend, including a stop at Great Faith Ministries Church, he helps Dr. Ben Carson track down his suddenly missing (more…)
Zach Woods Has a Girlfriend
01:46 — James learns how Zach Woods scored a date with his eventual girlfriend, a relationship and dating columnist, and asks Alicia Vikander and Luke Wilson (more…)
Science Experiments w/ Professor Robert Winston
09:22 — James welcomes Professor Robert Winston to perform some science experiments, one involving nitrogen and 4000 ping pong balls. His new children's books (more…)
Pile High Club w/ Zach Woods & Edgar Ramirez
06:38 — James asks Edgar Ramirez and Zach Woods trivia questions while audience members must hold on to items they're given based on right and wrong answers.
Nude Scenes w/ Edgar Ramirez and Zach Woods
03:11 — After Zach Woods explains how he came to appear in a nude scene for "Other People," James asks Edgar Ramirez about an unexpected shot in his project, (more…)
Zach Woods: What Was Your Name In That Thing You Did?
02:04 — Zach Woods plays the only game in Hollywood where an actor tries to remember all of his characters' names from all of his movies and TV shows.
Zach Woods Has to Walk Before He Can Dance
02:22 — After Sharon Stone shares she's been taking singing lessons, Zach Woods talks about his humble beginnings with a dance instructor.
Sharon Stone Gets Massages Through an App
04:05 — James asks Sharon Stone, Zach Woods and Sebastian Stan what apps they like on their phone, and James learns Sharon uses Soothe - the Uber of massage t (more…)
Coming June 4 - A Week w/ Shawn Mendes - #LateLateShawn
02:48 — When James Corden learns the mysterious toothbrush on his desk belongs to Shawn Mendes, the two get to talking and decide a week of shows together in (more…)
Yearbook Photos with Sebastian Stan & Zach Woods
01:37 — After learning about Sebastian Stan's spot-on yearbook superlative, Zach Woods recalls the experience of his first head shot with an eccentric photogr (more…)
Nick Griffin Performs Stand-Up
05:54 — Comedian Nick Griffin takes on the joys of adulthood. Watch him grow five minutes older!
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