Taylor Schilling

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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Big Drive
09:18 — From Anita Lebeau, director of the award-winning film Louise, comes Big Drive—the story of a family road trip across the Canadian prairies set in the (more…)
The Lucky One
Zac Efron stars with Taylor Schilling and Blythe Danner in the romantic drama "The Lucky One," directed by Academy Award®-nominated writer/director Sc (more…)
The Overnight
Alex (Adam Scott), Emily (Taylor Schilling) and their son, RJ have recently moved to Los Angeles’ Eastside from Seattle. Feeling lost in a new city, t (more…)
Jane Fonda & Taylor Schilling Are the Walking Wounded
02:52 — After James learns how Jane Fonda recently broke a toe, Taylor Schilling shares how a karate kick left her with a bum leg thanks to a wipe out.
Adventures In Closed Captioning (Sorry Harriet Tubman)
02:41 — Eagle-eyed Late Show viewers may have noticed some slightly inaccurate captions during Michael Ian Black's appearance last week.
Mystery Door w/ Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda & Taylor Schilling
07:09 — Conversation on the couch with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Taylor Schilling takes a sudden turn when a trumpet sounds, posing the three with a monumen (more…)
Big News About Burger King, Egypt, And Bob The Drag Queen
02:38 — Stephen recaps the week's biggest news stories, like the new "Mac n' Cheetos," Egypt's lopsided pyramids, and a can't-miss performer at New York's Pri (more…)
Did Taylor Schilling Help Kick Off The Binge-Watching Craze?
03:41 — The star of "Orange Is The New Black" remembers a time before "binge" became a thing.
Bernie Sanders Still Has A Path To The Late Show
00:30 — Apparently he didn't make this clear enough last night: Bernie Sanders is here to stay.
Local Hero Nelson Hidalgo And His Amazing Party Van
02:46 — No matter how many speakers Hidalgo crams into his van, he's still not the loudest person from Queens.
Stephen Tells RuPaul About His Drag Persona "Raven"
06:10 — RuPaul cheers as Stephen shares a photo of "Raven," his little-known drag persona.
"Maybe Coming Soon" with Kevin Hart
06:53 — Stephen pitches a series of movie ideas that he wants Kevin Hart to consider for 2017. Reserve your tickets now for "Dog Titanic."
Dogs Have Taken Over Kevin Hart's Bed
06:56 — The star of "The Secret Life of Pets" reveals that he's recently become a dog person, and lost all control of his home.
Lily Tomlin Has Advice for First-Time Puppy Owner Taylor Schilling
01:31 — After James asks Taylor Schilling about preparing to raise her first puppy, Lily Tomlin raises concern with how long puppies need to stay with their m (more…)
Taylor Schilling Visited Riker's Island To Research Her Role
01:49 — Stephen and Taylor agree that neither of them would do very well in prison, where their only options would be reading and finding religion.
RuPaul Charles Was Pride Before Pride Was Pride
02:11 — The star of "Skin Wars: Fresh Paint" never had to "come out" - he was never "in" to begin with.
Jane Fonda Kind of Remembers Drinking Dolly Parton's Moonshine
02:01 — When James asks Jane Fonda about touring with Dolly Parton years ago, Jane recalls stopping in the Ozarks to try some of Dolly's family moonshine, or (more…)
What Else Is on Steve Bannon's Whiteboard?
03:36 — James looks at a group of stories from Washington, including James Comey's mild nausea, Ivanka Trump's new book and some items on Steve Bannon's white (more…)
The Lucky One - Trailer
01:33 — U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive - a (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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