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Are Vanassa and Shelley Drama Scape Goats?
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Leha Guilmette confronts Vanassa Sebastian and Shelley Carbone on trash-talking behind her back.
“Who has a Tea Salon?!”
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: It s mother-daughter tea time in Lynne Diamante s tea salon, and the fanciness might prove too much for some.
Tour Lynne’s Sparkling Abode
Season 1 Exclusive: If it can be glittered, Lynne Diamante will glitter it.
Tour Lori-Ann’s Competition Room and Home
Season 1 Exclusive: Enter fitness star Lori-Ann Marchese s health-centered home.
Get Leha Guilmette’s Pageant Tips
Season 1 Exclusive: Find out what beauty tricks you need to know in order to compete at a Mrs. America.
The Do’s and Don’t’s of Pageant Interviews
Season 1 Exclusive: Susanna Paliotta and her daughter Isabella school us on how to shine in a pageant interview.
Learn How to do The Beauty Queen Wave
Season 1 Exclusive: It s just like screwing in a light bulb according to Lynne Diamante.
What Does an Apology Do?
Season 1 Episode 2 Show Highlight: Vanassa Sebastian needs an apology from Susanna Paliotta to move on -- well, that and some lip gloss.
Pageants 101: When Pageants Get Cray
Season 1 Exclusive: Our beauty queens discuss the craziest things they ve seen contestants to do foil the competition at Mrs. America.
Learn How to Walk Like a Beauty Queen
Season 1 Exclusive: Lori-Ann Marchese teaches us how to walk down the Mrs. America stage.
Vanassa Goes to the "Boob Store"
Season 1 Episode 9 Preview: After getting a clean bill of health, Vanassa Sebastian is ready for some. . .upgrades.
Susanna’s Pageant-Centric Home
Season 1 Exclusive: Take a walk through Susanna Paliotta s fabulous home including her blinged-out pageant room.
A Great Opportunity to Beat You On Stage
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: When Susanna Paliotta asks Vanassa Sebastian why she entered a pageant, it might not be all about charity.
Is This the Biggest 'Game of Crowns' Blowout?
Season 1 Episode 10 Preview: When Susanna Paliotta doesn't feels disrespected by certain pageant directors, she doesn't take it lying down.
And the Oscar Goes to. . .
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Lynne Diamante s breakdown about her ruined wedding plans leaves some pageant wives less than convinced.
Pageants 101: “Of Course I Get Botox”
Season 1 Exclusive: The ladies of Game of Crowns open up about all their work.
Lori-Ann Backs it up
Season 1 Episode 10 Preview: Bootylicious fitness queen Lori-Ann Marchese makes a bet with her husband that she might not win. . .
Vanassa’s Louboutin-Filled House and Closet
Season 1 Exclusive: Vanassa Sebastian knows, you can never have too many red bottoms.
Leha's Done with the 'He Said She Said'
Season 1 Episode 9 Preview: Serious allegations cause Leha Guilmette to set the record straight about her family.
Susanna on “Speaking Eloquent” in Interviews
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: For her interview portion, Susanna Paliotta channels her internal elegance while speaking Chinese. . .kind of.
Lynne Relives Her Wedding Day
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Lynne Diamante takes a walk down memory lane looking at her wedding album -- with her crown on, of course.
Lori-Ann Gets Her Tan On – Literally
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Lori-Ann Marchese s husband has the task of getting his wife pageant ready -- brushing on her tan.
Learn How to Do the Perfect Pageant Smile
Season 1 Exclusive: Vanassa Sebastian shares the key her Mrs. Pageant smile and her fabulous hair secrets.
Gamble of Crowns
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: The stakes are higher than ever as Lynne, Susanna, Shelley and Vanassa bet on Leha and Lori-Ann s Mrs. America chances.
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