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'An indispensible partner': Remembering Barbara Bush
04:34 — USA Today reporter Susan Page is writing a new biography of Barbara Bush, and she joins Morning Joe to discuss the former first lady's life and legacy (more…)
Trump's Volatile Week Almost Ends in Shutdown
12:11 — After a chaotic week – even by Trump standards – the President threatened to veto a spending bill, nearly shutting down the government again. The Was (more…)
'These kids are not going anywhere'
05:26 — Time's Charlotte Alter reveals the magazine's latest issue, which profiles the Parkland high school students who have emerged as prominent young voice (more…)
Trump "unglued" amid White House chaos
17:17 — Trump decided to start a trade war while angry and "unglued," NBC News reports. Ex-Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee says Trump "fired a shot" at (more…)
What the tax bill means for economic growth
15:17 — Craig Shirley, Susan Page and Brian Sullivan discuss today's main topic: the GOP tax bill, who benefits from it, who doesn't and it's impact on the ec (more…)
Could newly-released Moore remarks impact election?
09:05 — Newly released remarks by GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore show him having seeming empathy for Vladimir Putin and for speaking favorably about slavery. (more…)
Trump Driving the Right-wing Clown Car
05:33 — Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat for this week’s edition of Clown Car Tuesday. USA Today’s Susan Page, Huffington Post’s Sam Stein and Michelle B (more…)
Tell Me Something: November 12, 2015
02:11 — Susan Page and Fredreka Schouten of USA Today along with David Cantanese of U.S. News & World Report tell Chris Matthews something he doesn’t know.
When Trump Praised Bill Clinton
05:08 — In 1998, Donald Trump praised the Clintons, but times have changed. Former RNC Chair Michael Steel, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and USA Today Washington Bureau C (more…)
Trump Versus the Media: Day Four
14:13 — Susan Page, April Ryan and Dan Rather join Chris Matthews to debate Sean Spicer's controversial attacks on the media.
Carson Has Highest Favorable Rating in Politics
04:53 — Whatever Ben Carson is selling, people are buying. Carson has the highest net favorable ratings of any 2016 candidate. American Conservative Union’s (more…)
The Daily Fix Reacts to Obama’s Speech
03:25 — USA Today’s Susan Page and Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza join Andrea Mitchel to discuss how the 2016 presidential candidates are reacting to Presid (more…)
SCOTUS Vacancy Could Lead to Senate Showdown
06:15 — Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page discuss how the nomination process for Justice Scalia’s replace (more…)
Trump Campaign: Lewandowski Is Innocent
06:42 — The Washington Post’s Susan Page, Fred Hiatt and Chris Cillizza discuss the recent news that Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was c (more…)
Is Donald Trump a 'Teflon Don?'
12:57 — Donald Trump is “trumping” GOP contenders in the polls – but what has he got that his rivals don’t? Chris Matthews discusses “Teflon Don” with MSNBC N (more…)
GOP Slams State of the Union Address
05:27 — Republican presidential hopefuls hit President Obama as he takes his State of the Union message on the road. Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, Pu (more…)
How 2016 Is Different from Past Elections
09:48 — Dan Rather, Jeff Greenfield, Susan Page and Chris Matthews discuss the historic nature of the presidential election as Donald Trump continues to break (more…)
Why Trump’s Transition Is Abnormal
05:15 — The Washington Post’s Dan Balz and USA Today’s Susan Page join NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to talk about Donald Trump’s transition into the White House, inc (more…)
Trump: Iran Playing With Fire
07:43 — Jeremy Bash, Howard Fineman and Susan Page join Chris Matthews to discuss Trump’s foreign policy on Iran.
The GOP Strikes Back
12:06 — Donald Trump’s attack machine is finally encountering some resistance in the forms of Rick Perry and Senator Lindsey Graham. The Huffington Post’s Ho (more…)
Is the Republican Party Still a Party?
05:45 — With the Republicans' inability to pick a leader, are they a party or aren't they? The Nation’s Joan Walsh and USA Today’s Susan Page discuss.
Just Two Months 'til Iowa
03:47 — With only two months left until the Iowa caucuses, the question remains: can anybody stop Donald Trump? The Washington Post’s Robert Costa, USA Today’ (more…)
How Has the Paris Attacks Helped Trump?
05:02 — The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and USA Today’s Susan Page join NBC’s Andrea Mitchell for The Daily Fix. They discuss the recent Quinnipiac natio (more…)
Trump Postpones Trip to Israel
06:47 — USA Today’s Susan Page, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, and The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza discuss Donald Trump’s trip cancellation, the latest polli (more…)
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