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Top Chef: Foo Fighters Thanksgiving Trailer
01:03 — The band and the chefs meet in Rochester.
Stefan's Beef Skewer
04:34 — With onions and lamb chops with hummus and tabouli salad.
A Cutting Quickfire
02:12 — The new chefs need to peel or get cut.
Back to School, Part 1
02:29 — Someone had to go home and it had to be Patrick.
Out In a New York Minute, Part 2
01:37 — Though there are definitely cons to being eliminated, there are pros.
Melting Pot
03:06 — Seventeen new chefs are in the Big Apple to claim the title of Top Chef!
It's Foo Fighters!
00:48 — The chefs prepare a Thanksgiving meal for Foo Fighters!
Max's Vlog: Jealousy Issues
Season 1 Exclusive: Max Silvestri reveals the worst thing about his job.
Top Chef: Melting Pot Trailer
01:23 — Guest judge Jean George Vongerichten samples ethnic flavors.
This Chef Is Not Great at Listening
Season 1 Preview: It's hard to spot the lie when you're not even listening.
Don't Overthink It
Season 1 Preview: Thinking too much about his possible secret ingredient leads a chef down a rabbit hole.
Max's Vlog: Plain Noodles and Ketchup
Season 1 Exclusive: Max Silvestri has some ideas for a great winning dish.
Max's Vlog: Almonds vs. Almonds
Season 1 Episode 8 Exclusive: Max Silvestri thinks the pronunciation of this nut is very important.
This Chef Is Nuts
Season 1 Preview: This cheftestant is way off-base when she guesses her secret ingredient.
Sexiest Chef Alive?
Season 1 Preview: His competitor doesn't seem to think so.
Can These Strangers Guess the Secret Ingredient?
Season 1 Exclusive: Max Silvestri hits the streets to see how well people know their favorite foods.
Max's Vlog: I've Never Seen Someone Happier
Season 1 Episode 7 Exclusive: Max Silvestri talks about his two favorite chefs from the episode.
Save the Lentils!
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: One chef has to get creative when he overcooks his secret ingredient.
Coconuts and Squash Blossoms
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: The chefs are given quite a challenge with these two secret ingredients.
Max Silvestri Becomes Alanna Ubach's Sous Chef
Season 1 Preview: The #GG2D actress enlists Max's help as she competes against Steve Howey.
Max's Vlog: I Was Nervous for Steve
Season 1 Episode 6 Exclusive: Max Silvestri worries about Steve Howey's cooking abilities based on his pronunciation of the word 'penne.'
Josh Altman Serves As Special Guest Judge
Season 1 Episode 4 Show Highlight: The #MDLLA agent is here to evaluate how the real estate (the plate) is being used.
This Chef Has Female Intuition on His Side
Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: One of the chefs inherited his mother's ability to read others well.
These Are Not Ordinary Ingredients
Season 1 Preview: What kind of dishes will come out when the secret ingredients are black licorice and marshmallow?
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