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Hell's Kitchen Season 17
Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for Season 17 of HELL’S KITCHEN. Aspiring chefs will brave Ramsay and his fiery command of the kitchen as he puts the compe (more…)
Hell's Kitchen Season 17
Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for Season 17 of HELL’S KITCHEN. Aspiring chefs will brave Ramsay and his fiery command of the kitchen as he puts the compe (more…)
First Look
01:19 — Get a first look into the new season of HELL’S KITCHEN.
Michelle Impresses Gordon Ramsay from "Final Three; All-Star Finale"
01:31 — Michelle impresses Gordon Ramsay with each dish she prepared.
The Final Contestants Have One Hour To Prepare A Menu from "Final Three; All-Star Finale"
02:06 — The final three contestants have one hour to prepare a menu for Chef Ramsay.
The Contestants Get Pampered from "Final Three; All-Star Finale"
01:15 — The contestants get pampered before their next challenge.
Gordon Ramsay & The Contestants Attend An Award Ceremony from "Final Three; All-Star Finale"
01:46 — Gordon Ramsay and the final contestants attend an award ceremony.
The Winner Is Revealed from "All-Star Finale"
01:28 — The winner of Season 17 is revealed.
Jennifer & Elise Make A Pact from "Trying to Pasta Test"
01:08 — Despite their differences, Jennifer and Elise vow to work together.
Contestants Run Through The Mart from "Trying to Pasta Test"
01:36 — The contestants have a limited amount of time and a limited budget to collect ingredients.
Robyn Messes Up The Order from "Trying to Pasta Test"
01:56 — Gordon is not pleased as Robyn keeps messing up the order.
Hell's Kitchen: Trying To Pasta Test Trailer
00:20 — The all-stars get a late night call from Chef Gordon Ramsay with instructions on their next challenge. They're given $20 to purchase ingredients and c (more…)
Elise & Jennifer Go Head To Head from "It’s All Gravy"
01:29 — Elise goes off on Jennifer and accuses her of messing up the meal.
The Annual Blind Taste Test from "It’s All Gravy"
01:25 — Gordon explains the latest competition to the contestants.
Barbie Needs Her Spinach from "It’s All Gravy"
01:03 — While the blue team flourishes, the red team struggles as Barbie barks orders to her teammates.
Hell's Kitchen: Catch of the Day Trailer
00:20 — Special guest judge and fish-cooking expert chef Michael Cimarusti joins chef Ramsay, as the remaining contestants compete in a special challenge invo (more…)
Van Slows Down The Kitchen from "Catch of the Day"
01:59 — Gordon isn't happy with how slow Van is moving. Meanwhile, Nick is annoyed with Robyn.
Contestants Go Fishing For Ingredients from "Catch of the Day"
01:54 — The contestants toss giant fish to each other for ingredients for their next competition.
Barbie & Elise Argue In Front Of Customers from "Catch of the Day"
02:35 — Things get heated between Barbie and Elise as their customers watch on shocked.
Elise Goes Off On The House from "Catch of the Day"
02:02 — Elise has heated arguments with many of her fellow contestants through the night and into the next morning.
Gordon Ramsay Puts The Competitors Through A Spear Competition
01:09 — Chef Ramsay puts the Red and Blue Teams through a challenge that requires them to stab their ingredients with giant spears.
Robyn Can't Stop Calling Her Teammates "Baby"
01:56 — Robyn repeatedly calls the members of her team "baby" and Chef Ramsay is sick of it.
Elise Stops Playing Nice & Argues With Michelle
01:00 — Elise and Michelle argue about who is more consistent in the kitchen.
Hell's Kitchen: 11 Chefs Compete Trailer
01:35 — The teams must create six unique dishes for former sous chef Andi while the challenge winners spend the night in Las Vegas, the losing team makes a mo (more…)
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