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Sun Jul 22 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk Goes to the Theater(Season 2, Episode 6) WE

Monk and Sharona investigate after Sharona's sister, an actress, stabs a fellow actor during a play with what she thought was a retractable knife. In fact, the prop turns out to be all too real and the actor ends up dead. While attempting to nab the real k (more…)

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Sun Jul 22 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect(Season 2, Episode 7) WE

Monk thinks he knows who is behind a recent explosion of mail bombings around San Francisco. Now he just has to solve how the suspect committed the crimes while in a coma.

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Sun Jul 22 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Meets the Playboy(Season 2, Episode 8) WE

The arrogant proprietor (Gary Cole) of a failing skin magazine tries to force Monk to abandon his investigation of a publisher's murder by threatening to expose Sharona's past. Danny Bonaduce appears as himself. Bethany: Jennifer Lyons. Noelle: Lisa Thornh (more…)

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Sun Jul 22 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the 12th Man(Season 2, Episode 9) WE

A string of seemingly unrelated murders catches Monk's attention, as does a dry cleaner, who irks him by sewing on his jacket button the wrong way. Meanwhile, Sharona basks in the glow of her new beau's status as deputy mayor.

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Sun Jul 22 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Paperboy(Season 2, Episode 10) WE

Monk's home becomes a crime scene when his paperboy is murdered on the doorstep, and the sleuth's ego is dented by Sharona's feats of strength. Kevin Dorfman: Jarrad Paul. Vicki: Nicole DeHuff.

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Sun Jul 22 3:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Three Pies(Season 2, Episode 11) WE

Monk's agoraphobic brother Ambrose (John Turturro) calls, for the first time in seven years, to say he thinks he has witnessed a murder.

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Sun Jul 22 4:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the TV Star(Season 2, Episode 12) WE

Monk believes a woman's murder was the work of her former husband (Billy Burke), but the oversensitive sleuth has a rough time eroding his suspect's alibi. Susan: Nicole Forester. Marci: Sarah Silverman.

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Sun Jul 22 5:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Missing Granny(Season 2, Episode 13) WE

A law student makes a deal with Monk: She'll work for his reinstatement to the SFPD if he'll solve the mystery behind her grandmother's disappearance.

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Sun Jul 22 6:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Captain's Wife(Season 2, Episode 14) WE

Monk turns caretaker after Stottlemeyer's wife is apparently killed during a union dispute---a mystery the twitchy sleuth has to solve to keep the captain from going over the edge.

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Sun Jul 22 7:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Gets Married(Season 2, Episode 15) WE

Disher's suspicions about his mother's new husband inspire Monk and Sharona to pose as a couple to uncover why the newlyweds are honeymooning at a marriage-therapy clinic. Maria: Susan Kellerman. Dalton: Nestor Carbonell. Skinner: William Sanderson. Dr. Wa (more…)

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Sun Jul 22 8:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Goes to Jail(Season 2, Episode 16) WE

Monk investigates when a death-row prisoner is done in prior to his execution by a poisoned last meal. Biederbeck: Tim Curry. Sylvia Fairbourn: Kathy Baker. Spyder: Danny Trejo.

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Sun Jul 22 9:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Takes Manhattan(Season 3, Episode 1) WE

Monk follows up a lead on his wife's murder in Manhattan, but becomes involved in an assassination investigation along the way.

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Sun Jul 22 10:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Panic Room(Season 3, Episode 2) WE

Monk investigates the murder of a record producer who appears to have been shot by his pet chimpanzee. Carmen Electra guest stars as the record producer's pop-star wife. Kurt Wolffe: Brad Hawkins. Leo Navarro: Willie Garson.

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Sun Jul 22 11:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Blackout(Season 3, Episode 3) WE

Monk investigates a bombing at a power company that causes a city-wide blackout and meets a prospective date along the way.

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Mon Jul 23 12:00am
MonkMr. Monk Gets Fired(Season 3, Episode 4) WE

Monk investigates a grisly murder, but he runs afoul of the crotchety new police commissioner, who revokes his detective license in retaliation.

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Mon Jul 23 1:00am
MonkMr. Monk Meets the Godfather(Season 3, Episode 5) WE

The head of the West Coast mob asks if Monk can take the case when a barbershop is the scene of a shooting. The Feds convince the reluctant P.I. to tackle the job in hopes that he can bring down the entire organization.

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Mon Jul 23 2:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf(Season 3, Episode 6) WE

Sharona leaves Monk in the care of an abrasive nurse after repeated encounters with an eeire blood-soaked man cause her to question her sanity. Concerned for Sharona---and fed up with her substitute---Monk tries to unravel the mystery behind his friend's t (more…)

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Mon Jul 23 3:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Employee of the Month(Season 3, Episode 7) WE

The suspicious death of a model employee at a suburban retail store reunites Monk with his ex-partner (Enrico Colantoni), a disgraced cop who works as the store's security chief. Jennie: Alanna Ubach. Mr. Donovan: Patrick Thomas O'Brien. Ronnie: Kyle Davis (more…)

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Thu Jul 26 11:00pm
Without a TraceConfidence(Season 2, Episode 3) POP

A missing-persons case becomes a criminal investigation when a recently engaged socialite (Jessalyn Gilsig) who disappears turns out to be a woman running a confidence scheme. Chris: Eion Bailey. Lucas Vohland: James Remar. Sarah: Myndy Crist. Jack: Anthon (more…)

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Sun Jul 29 10:00am
MonkMr. Monk and the Game Show(Season 3, Episode 8) WE

Monk becomes a reluctant contestant on a popular game show after the program's executive producer---the father of his late wife Trudy---persuades him the contest is fixed.

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Sun Jul 29 11:00am
MonkMr. Monk Takes His Medicine(Season 3, Episode 9) WE

Monk's mood stabilizes but his detective work suffers as a result of medication prescribed for his obsessive-compulsive disorder, which he begins taking after allowing a suspect to escape Stottlemeyer. Trudy: Melora Hardin. Lester Highsmith: Ken Marino. Sc (more…)

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Sun Jul 29 12:00pm
MonkMr. Monk and the Red Herring(Season 3, Episode 10) WE

While screening applicants to fill Sharona's position, Monk meets Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard), a thirtysomething widow and mother who hires him to investigate a break-in at her house, where she lives with daughter, Julie (Emmy Clarke).

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Sun Jul 29 1:00pm
MonkMr. Monk vs. The Cobra(Season 3, Episode 11) WE

Monk investigates the brutal murder of a late kung-fu star's biographer (Harry Groener), whose scandalous book has left the icon's fans kicking and screaming; Natalie wages a battle of attrition to force Monk to pay her expenses. Master Z: Mako.

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Sun Jul 29 2:00pm
MonkMr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever(Season 3, Episode 12) WE

The FBI coop Monk up in a remote cabin with Stottlemeyer and Natalie after the jittery gumshoe witnesses a murder; meanwhile, Disher tries to get cozy with a new flame. Agent Grooms: Josh Stamberg.

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