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Seaside Scenes That You Didn’t See On TV
10:00 — Check out these extended scenes from last season, in Seaside.
GTL: Miami
05:32 — Mike, Pauly, Vinny, and Ronnie take us on a tour of the best GTL spots in Miami.
Before the Shore
Ever ask the question, "Are these kids for real?" Discover, through previously unseen footage Snooki, Mike, JWOWW, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Angelina, a (more…)
BTS Photoshoot
04:10 — The gang is back in Seaside for one last summer! Take a behind the scenes look at their last photoshoot as housemates.
Jersey Shore Hook Ups
06:59 — Get a taste of all the Season 3 hook ups that you didn’t see on TV!
Tips from The Situation and Snooki
07:18 — The Situation and Snooki discuss 'Looking for Love', 'The Art of the Poof', 'Seeing Your Own Situation', and 'Hook-Up Tips'.
Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot
04:50 — Go behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the new season of Jersey Shore.
Breathing Practice - Pregnancy Yoga
05:16 — This practice will teach you the correct way for breathing through yoga routines.
08:28 — Catch these deleted scenes inside the confessional booth, from last season in Seaside.
Sammi Sweatheart
01:06 — Vinny impersonates his roommate, Sammi.
Ep. 11 Highlight: I'm Sorry
03:47 — The Situation swallows his pride and apologizes to Snooki.
00:40 — Snooki describes how being pregnant has changed her sex life.
Last Hurrah
01:39 — The roommates want to do as much as they can before they leave their Shore House for good.
Baby Kick
01:01 — Snooki's back starts to ache when she feels Lorenzo kick in her stomach.
I'm Trying
00:59 — Sammi and Ronnie are trying to figure out why Deena brought her Meatballs back home.
I Don't Care
01:52 — The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D chat about Jionni and Angelina.
Ep. 11 Highlight: The Note
03:24 — Paula gives The Situation a note asking for a second chance.
Happy Birthday
00:23 — Pauly D wishes himself a happy birthday.
Im Sorry
00:49 — Ronnie apologizes for not going to Snooki's sonogram.
Young Jock
01:23 — Sammi and Snooki talk about Lorenzo's athletic future.
Love You
01:11 — Deena and Snooki promise to stay in touch even though they are no longer roommates.
Killed It
00:22 — Pauly D admits that The Situation killed his stripping performance.
Ep. 11 Highlight: The Talk
01:26 — Vinny takes Jionni aside at the Show Shower to clear the air between them.
It Aint Easy
02:16 — Deena tells her boyfriend about the list of Meatball requirements.
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