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Could Republicans push Trump off the ballot in 2020?
06:07 — Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist, says “You'd have to beat him state to state, delegate to delegate,” when it comes to a Republican strategy of ch (more…)
Sam Nunberg appears to cave after wild interviews
10:18 — Ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg gave wild and erratic interviews saying he wouldn't cooperate with the special counsel's subpoena but then had an a (more…)
Trump goes from far left to far right on guns in 24 hours
02:41 — In the span of just over 24 hours, Pres. Trump went from suggesting taking guns away from Americans without due process to saying he had a great meeti (more…)
Favorite Moments of Season 2
03:09 — Relive some of the best moments from the past season of The Odd Couple.
McCain: Undermining our own rule of law only helps Putin
04:06 — Condemning the release of the Nunes memo, Sen. John McCain said it serves no one's interests but Vladimir Putin. Republican strategist Mike Murphy joi (more…)
The Odd Couple - You Ask, They Tell: Matthew Perry
02:00 — Matthew Perry shares his thoughts on playing Oscar Madison, his history as a top ranked junior tennis player, and why you should tune in to The Odd Co (more…)
Veteran Republican: New Poll a Dumpster Fire for Trump
01:50 — With his approval rating hitting a new log and his numbers down with women and other key Republican groups, longtime GOP Strategist Mike Murphy says t (more…)
Full Panel: Will Russia investigation leading to a Constitutional crisis?
06:26 — Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Eddie Glaude, Jr., Dany Pletka and Mike Murphy discuss the directions that the Russia investigation might take.
Is distrust the norm? Panel debates long-term impact of Trump presidency
01:19 — Calling it a "screwball presidency," Mike Murphy debates the effects of the Trump White House on the long term political psyche, along with Doris Kear (more…)
Mike Murphy: We're in 'Tribal Politics' When it Comes to the Russia Probe
02:58 — Republican strategist Mike Murphy tells Ali Vitali that the Russia investigation is viewed through a partisan lens, despite the important implications (more…)
Sharpton: I Don't Like Issues Trump Running On
05:39 — The Rev. Al Sharpton and Mike Murphy discuss Donald Trump's campaign, his poll numbers and how Hillary Clinton can rebound after a tough week.
Trump: 'Check Out Sex Tape'
08:25 — GOP strategist and NBC News political analyst Mike Murphy says Donald Trump is "doubling down on failure" by launching an overnight Twitter rant again (more…)
How 'real' Donald and 'public' Donald Square
08:07 — The topic of Donald Trump's message and public persona and how it squares with the 'real' Trump is the focus of a discussion with Mike Murphy.
Pence: Meaningful in a Meaningless Debate?
03:31 — GOP strategist Mike Murphy says the VP debate won't move the needle much in terms of popular opinion and that Donald Trump is unlikely to be president (more…)
Murphy: 'Open Question' if Pence Helps Trump
06:10 — Republican strategist and NBC political analyst Mike Murphy says the selection of Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) may not make a difference because Donald Trum (more…)
Murphy: 'Who Is the Real Donald Trump?'
04:24 — Donald Trump expresses regret over past comments but Mike Murphy says "it will take more than one line on a teleprompter" to erase the "odious stains" (more…)
Sean Spicer: This Race Is Not at All Over
08:25 — RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer and Mike Murphy join Morning Joe to discuss the state of the 2016 race just 11 days before the election.
What Are the Final Hours of a Campaign Really Like?
08:41 — Only a few select people really know what the end of a presidential campaign is really like. MSNBC's Brian Williams speaks to three of them: Nicolle W (more…)
Analyst Mike Murphy: Bernie Sanders Can Make Hillary Clinton’s Life ‘hell’
02:22 — A former adviser to the Jeb Bush campaign, NBC News political analyst Mike Murphy says that “if the polling is right, Trump will have a good night” Tu (more…)
Giuliani's Speech a Political Rorschach Test
01:52 — Rachel Maddow asks Republican strategist Mike Murphy what accounts for the different interpretations of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani's add (more…)
Time Running Out to Find Trump Alternative
04:37 — Time has all but run out for anti-Trump Republicans to find a candidate in time to mount a third-party challenge. Despite the long-shot odds, Republic (more…)
Republican National Convention Had a ‘very Bad First Day,’ Analyst Says
03:23 — NBC political analyst Mike Murphy says that between the controversy over whether Melania Trump’s speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama and an att (more…)
Donald Trump’s (non-existent) Ground Game
05:52 — Donald Trump's campaign is asking for money to fund a "highly costly early voting push and get-out-the-vote operation." Lawrence fact-checks that wit (more…)
Sharpton: This Is George Wallace Populism
14:55 — Mike Murphy, Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Beschloss discuss Donald Trump's campaign, African-American support for Hillary Clinton and why Trump is the (more…)
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