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The Flying Nun

A petite young nun has a habit of flying, thanks to a wide-winged cornet that gets her aloft in strong winds. When Sister Bertrille isn't in the air, she's at the Convent San Tanco in Puerto Rico. Cocreator Harry Ackerman must have liked star Sally Field---really liked her---because he cast her in this series one year after he executive produced her first TV venture, `Gidget.'

Episode Credits Year
Operation Population Season: 3, Episode: 25 Actor 1970
The Candid Commercial Season: 3, Episode: 22 Actor 1970
The Dumbest Kid in School Season: 3, Episode: 18 Actor 1970
Dear Aggie Season: 3, Episode: 14 Actor
Hector and the Brass Band Season: 3, Episode: 9 Actor
The Not So Great Imposter Season: 3, Episode: 7 Actor
Guess Who's Coming to Picket Season: 3, Episode: 6 Actor
The Paola Story Season: 3, Episode: 4 Actor
The Lottery Season: 2, Episode: 26 Actor
The Convent Gets the Business Season: 2, Episode: 24 Actor
The Boyfriend Season: 2, Episode: 18 Actor
Sisters Socko in San Tanco Season: 2, Episode: 15 Actor
The Landlord Cometh Season: 2, Episode: 14 Actor
All Alone by the Convent Phone Season: 2, Episode: 9 Actor
Two Bad Eggs Season: 2, Episode: 8 Actor
The Organ Transplant Season: 2, Episode: 7 Actor
This Convent Is Condemned Season: 2, Episode: 5 Actor
The Reconversion of Sister Shapiro Season: 1, Episode: 26 Actor
The Sister and the Old Salt Season: 1, Episode: 24 Actor
If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Cornette Dry Season: 1, Episode: 15 Actor
The Patron of Santa Thomasina Season: 1, Episode: 14 Actor
With Love from Irving Season: 1, Episode: 11 Actor
Days of Nuns and Roses Season: 1, Episode: 10 Actor
Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire... Season: 1, Episode: 9 Actor
Polly Wants a Crack in the Head Season: 1, Episode: 8 Actor
Flight of the Dodo Bird Season: 1, Episode: 7 Actor
Fatal Hibiscus Season: 1, Episode: 6 Actor
The Flying Nun Season: 1, Episode: 1 Actor
The Flying Nun Season: 1, Episode: 2 Actor
With a Friend Like Him, Who Needs...? Season: 1, Episode: 18 Actor


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