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Grace tries to fit in to Daniel's college world, while Amy attempts to help Ricky get into college.
Flip Flop
Adrian changes her mind about Ben and sets her targets on someone else.
And Circumstance
Grace helps Jack with his graduation speech, Ben takes Adrian out to celebrate, and Ricky's graduation speech has a surprise for Amy.
The Games We Play
Amy wants Ricky to propose, but Ricky has plans of his own.
George thinks Nora and Anne are getting too close, while Jack uses a school project to get close to Grace again.
The Splits
Ben and Dylan go on their first official date, and Tom gets into trouble with the law.
With all the rumors spreading, Amy is the center of attention, which causes Grace to become jealous of her. Anne and Ashley finally return from Europe (more…)
When One Door Closes
Adrian is depressed and not leaving the house, while Amy decides to make changes in her living situation.
Love Is Love
Anne shares some news with her family, and Ben gets a tour of Dylan's school to decide if he wants to transfer.
Hole in the Wall
Adrian decides to empty out the nursery to help deal with her feelings, which causes Ben and Adrian to get into a huge fight.
Don't Go In There!
Ricky has an interview with a local college but it doesn't go as planned, and Kathleen decide to play a prank on Grace.
The guidance counselor warns Amy she is failing out of Summer school, which prompts George to step in and help her study, along with giving her advice (more…)
When Opportunity Knocks
Grace has a secret from her recent trip, and Ben continues to make his feelings about Adrian known to everyone but Adrian.
Dancing With the Stars
Jack scrambles to find a date for the senior dance, and Amy tries to convince Ricky to take her to the dance.
Amy is upset with Ricky over a voicemail, and Grace offers to set Adrian up with one of Daniel's friends.
They Gotta Eat
Not knowing all that went on between them, Amy, Lauren and Madison's dads arrange a dinner for their daughters in hopes they can work out their disagr (more…)
Another One Opens
Ashley continues her trip, and Betty tries to get Adrian to open up about her feelings.
One Foot Out the Door
George gives Ashley an ultimatum about returning home, while Amy is convinced John is sick.
Smokin' Like a Virgin
Ben and Dylan get closer, and Amy reveals she isn't in a rush to get married.
Strange Familiar
Kathleen tries to bribe Grace into speaking with Jacob, while Dylan tries to bond with Adrian.
The Text Best Thing
Amy sets a date for the wedding, which spreads like wildfire, along with a rumor about Anne.
Amy decides to go to summer school instead of work, while Dylan and Ben, after getting caught by their parents, are forbidden from seeing each other.
Suddenly This Summer
George is convinced Anne has feelings for someone close to him, and Grace is anxious for her mother's return.
The Beach Is Back
George and Kathleen bond at the "beach" and Dylan and her friends join Ben at school.
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