Leah Remini

  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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Tue, 11:40 pm

The King of QueensFrigid Heirs(Season 6, Episode 13)

Doug and Carrie try to weasel money out of Arthur so they can indulge themselves after he wins $2500 playing bingo, but he has other ideas on how to spend the loot. Holly: Nicole Sullivan. Arthur: Jerry Stiller.


Wed, 12:00 am

The King of QueensBed Spread(Season 5, Episode 25)

The fifth season wraps up with Doug and Carrie discovering that they enjoy doing things apart, even sleeping, after they are forced to use twin beds until their new one arrives. Also: Arthur spies on neighbor Lou Ferrigno to get all the latest gossip. Holl (more…)


Wed, 12:15 am

The King of QueensCheap Saks(Season 6, Episode 15)

Doug gets nervous when Carrie befriends one of his former girlfriends (Janeane Garofalo), whom he treated shabbily. But in time Carrie learns what Doug already knows---the woman is annoying and needy. Also: Spence is asked out by a guy and he accepts the d (more…)

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