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You Ain't Just Whislin' Tigger / Piglet's Hole Problem
You Ain't Just Whislin' Tigger: Tigger is distraught to discover that whistling is not one of the things that Tiggers do best. Piglet's Hole Problem: (more…)
Buster's Bath / Once In a Pooh Moon
Buster's Bath: The Sleuths have to figure out a way to wash up the pup when Buster refuses to take a bath. Once in a Pooh Moon: Lumpy's all set for hi (more…)
Tigger Gets Bounced / Super Sleuths Wait for Ever
Tigger Gets Bounced: Rabbit's Bouncing Machine out-bounces Tigger! Super Sleuths Wait for Ever: Everyone in the Wood seems to be waiting for something (more…)
Darby's Prickly Predicament / Piglet's Monster Under the Bed
Darby's Prickly Predicament: When Roo's toy gets stuck in the middle of a briar patch, the Sleuths come to the rescue! Piglet's Monster Under the Bed: (more…)
Eeyore's Sad Day / Tigger's Bedtime for Bouncer
Eeyore's Sad Day: Eeyore's even sadder than usual and it looks like it'll take the Super Sleuths to cheer him up - or not. Tigger's Bedtime for Bounce (more…)
Porcupine's Pen Pal / Piglet's Thousand and One Watermelons
Porcupine's Pen Pal: Porcupine's pen pal wants to give her a hug, but she's afraid her quills will hurt him. Piglet's Thousand and One Watermelons: (more…)
Pooh's Double Trouble / Eeyore Sleeps On It
Pooh's Double Trouble: The gang is doubly shocked when they start to see twins of themselves in the Wood. Eeyore Sleeps on it: The Super Sleuths stay (more…)
Darby's Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth / Snow Problem, Roo
Darby's Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth: Darby lost a baby tooth, so Tigger and Pooh are sure they should try to find it for her. Snow Problem, Roo: (more…)
Small's World After All / Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery
Small's World After All: Rabbit asks Tigger and Pooh to watch his friend Small - but as soon as they turn their backs, he's off on all kinds of bug-ad (more…)
Piglet's Lost Voice / Funny Rabbit
Piglet's Lost Voice: Before Piglet's big recital for the entire Wood, he loses his voice-is it lost or is it just stage fright? Funny Rabbit: The Sleu (more…)
Darby's Wheelie Big Problem / Turtle Comes Out of His Shell
Darby's Wheelie Big Problem: Tigger and Pooh help Darby learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels. / Turtle Comes Out of His Shell: Once Turtle (more…)
Pooh's Badful Day / Sleuthin' In the Wind
Pooh's Badful Day: When nothing goes right for Pooh, the Sleuths try to help turn his bad day into a good one. Sleuthin' in the Wind: Piglet fears he (more…)
Piglet's Wish Upon a Star / Squirrels Will Be Squirrels
Piglet's Wish Upon a Star: Tigger calls the Sleuths to help make Piglet's wish come true. Squirrels Will Be Squirrels: When Buster is blamed for misbe (more…)
Pooh's Honey of a Problem / Darby's Favorite Place
Pooh's Honey of a Problem: Pooh mistakes a jar of Rabbit's Sour Squash soup for honey! Darby's Favorite Place: Tigger and Pooh realize that Darby does (more…)
Tigger Goes for the Jagular / Rabbit's New Roomie
Tigger Goes for the Jagular: When Tigger overhears Roo describing a Jagular, he becomes convinced he is one. Rabbit's New Roomie: The fur flies when T (more…)
Chasing Pooh's Rainbow / Lumpy Mixes a Mystery
Chasing Pooh's Rainbow: Pooh is convinced that the tastiest honey is in a pot at the end of the rainbow - if only he could find one and find out. L (more…)
Symphony for a Rabbit / Tigger Goes Snowflaky
Symphony for a Rabbit: Rabbit can't sing in his Spring concert once he accidentally breaks his home-made orchestra. Tigger Goes Snowflaky: When Tigg (more…)
Pooh's Cookie Tree / Lumpy Joins In
Pooh's Cookie Tree: Pooh discovers a cookie tree in the Wood the same day Roo and Lumpy's cookies go missing! Lumpy Joins In: Lumpy wants to sing, but (more…)
Rabbit's Sound of Silence / Eager Beaver
Rabbit's Sound of Silence: Rabbit needs total silence to bake a cake. Eager Beaver: Beaver tries to get the Sleuths to stop thinking and start working (more…)
Rabbit's Ruta-Wakening / Tigger's Shadow of a Doubt
Rabbit's Ruta-Wakening: The Super Sleuths devise a stakeout when Rabbit's rutabegas disappear from his garden at night. Tigger's Shadow of a Doubt: (more…)
Flowers for Eeyore / Easter Rabbit
Flowers for Eeyore: When flowers are mysteriously left in front of his house, Eeyore wants to find out who gave them to him. Easter Rabbit: When Lumpy (more…)
You're a Big Boy, Roo / Turtle's for the Birds
You're a Big Boy, Roo: When Roo promises his mom to take special care of a family heirloom, he loses it. Turtle's for the Birds: Turtle is in search f (more…)
Lumpy's Downhill Battle / Darby's Squirmy Worms
Lumpy's Downhill Battle: Lumpy believes his scarf is magic, and it can help him with achieving anything he wants. Darby's Squirmy Worms: Rabbit calls (more…)
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