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Big Brother - Aug-Toberfest
01:49 — Houseguests slide along as they fill giant beer steins, one cup at a time.
Big Brother - Off-Brand Mensa - Live Feed Highlight
01:13 — Kat has claimed membership in Mensa, the club for geniuses, but Christie and Jess think it may be a different club she's thinking of.
Big Brother - Full Tummies - Live Feed Highlight
00:59 — Analyse declares herself one stuffed chicken after a late-night snack and she and a few other Houseguests compare stomachs.
Big Brother - Kat's Most Irrational Fear - Live Feed Highlight
00:54 — The other Houseguests are flabbergasted to hear that Kat has a very specific and potent fear of a certain harmless fruit.
Big Brother - Sis Measures Up - Live Feed Highlight
01:18 — Tommy and Analyse team up to bake cookies but Sis can't quite wrap her head around certain measurements.
Big Brother - Towel Snapping - Live Feed Highlight
00:38 — Michie and Nick engage in an odd competition to see who can withstand the most painful wet towel snap.
Big Brother - Vampires Vs. Zombies - Live Feed Highlight
01:25 — Nicole and Jack compare which form of pop-culture monster they prefer saying vampires trump zombies any day.
Big Brother - Nicole's Least Favorite Pose - Live Feed Highlight
00:39 — Complaining about her Big Brother portrait pose, Nicole tells Jessica and Kat that at least she has a perfect cover for her first book.
Big Brother - Outside the Buck Room
02:33 — Michie overhears other Houseguests' strategy and ponders what to do with this information.
Big Brother - Beg For Ducks - Live Feed Highlight
01:16 — Christie and Sis play a game where Christie has to read Sis's lips to understand what she is saying while listening to music.
Big Brother - Kat's Date With B. Rett - Live Feed Highlight
01:24 — Holly wants to share her HOH wine with Kat as thanks for going up on the block, and she shows up for their "date" ready to sweep Kat off her feet.
Big Brother - Nomination Ceremony
02:29 — Two Houseguests are nominated for eviction.
Big Brother - What's The Best Move?
01:31 — The Houseguests vote for eviction between Sam and Kathryn.
Big Brother - Holly Leaves Her Mark - Live Feed Highlight
01:23 — Holly tells a story about a time she walked into a glass door and left a perfect imprint of her own face.
Big Brother - Analyse Sends It - Live Feed Highlight
00:48 — In the backyard shower, Analyse wonders if she pulls the chain harder if she can get the water to surge out faster... but her plan backfires.
Big Brother - A Trip To ISLOP - Live Feed Highlight
00:37 — Christie makes slop pancakes for the Have-Nots and Sam suggests she open her own slop pancake restaurant.
Big Brother - Latest Nominations
02:40 — The Houseguests take part in the latest nomination ceremony.
Big Brother - And The Winner Is... - Live Feed Highlight
01:29 — BB's Next Big Look wraps up with one gorgeous and fashion-forward Houseguest crowned the winner.
Big Brother - Name Those Feet - Live Feet Highlight
01:03 — The Houseguests invent a new game where Tommy and Christie have to guess the Houseguest based on just their feet.
Big Brother - Be Great... Always
01:33 — Bella and Jack attempt to sway the vote in their favor to stay in the house.
Julie Chen Moonves Interviews BB21's Latest Evicted Houseguest
07:26 — In this exclusive extended sit-down interview, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves digs deep with Isabella "Bella" Wang, who was backdoored out of the (more…)
Big Brother - Take It Off!
10:16 — The HouseGuests play "Take It Off" to win the Power of Veto.
Big Brother - Tommy The Crooner - Live Feed Highlight
00:47 — A few of the Houseguests quiz Tommy on the different singing voices used on Broadway and he impresses the crowd with his talents.
Big Brother - The Have-Not Ice Cream Shop - Live Feed Highlight
01:17 — Kat and Tommy get around the Have-Not eating restrictions by mixing together acceptable ingredients to make ice cream the old-fashioned way.
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