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Friday Night Fights with Lawrence O'Donnell
05:42 — MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell faces off with Stephen in a battle royale between Jimmy Carter with adamantium claws and George H. W. Bush with laser vi (more…)
Countdown To Zero
02:19 — Countdown To Zero
Dr. Brzezinski: a 'delight' to Work With Carter
07:34 — Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski talks about his relationship with Jimmy Carter, calling him an "exceptionally able president" with a "remarkable list of accom (more…)
Jimmy Carter Announces: My Brain Cancer Is Gone
00:22 — Former President Jimmy Carter told worshippers at his hometown church in Plains, Georgia, on Sunday that the cancer in his brain appears to be “gone.” (more…)
Jimmy Carter Mourns Sudden Death of His Grandson Jeremy
00:30 — Just weeks after announcing that his own brain cancer is gone, former President Jimmy Carter broke the news that his 28-year-old grandson Jeremy Carte (more…)
What Makes Iowa So Important?
04:25 — Professor of History and Public Affairs at Princeton University, Julian Zelizer speaks with Alex Witt about the history behind how Jimmy Carter revolu (more…)
Brokaw: No Better Global Citizen Than Carter
04:42 — NBC’s Tom Brokaw joins to discuss former President Jimmy Carter’s cancer diagnosis and shares anecdotes from his longtime reporting on Carter.
Jimmy Carter a Model of Grace and Civility
08:39 — Rachel Maddow looks at how former President Jimmy Cater had established a legacy of personal good will and political civility, and how he has been emb (more…)
5 Things You Need to Know About Cancer Immunotherapy
03:02 — A revolution in cancer treatment is credited with erasing former President Jimmy Carter’s advanced melanoma: immunotherapy, which has fewer harsh side (more…)
Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Drug Keytruda Showing Better Results Than Chemo
00:36 — Drug company Merck is stopping the clinical trial of Keytruda, saying it reportedly works better than chemotherapy. The drug’s manufacturer, Merck, sa (more…)
Carter Battles Cancer with Faith and Humor
05:03 — Randall Balmer, historian and author of “Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter,” discusses how faith has informed Carter's life and how he will deal with (more…)
Jimmy Carter: I No Longer Need Cancer Treatment
00:21 — Former President Jimmy Carter told his Sunday school class that he no longer needs cancer treatment. The 91-year-old said treatment for melanoma that (more…)
Keytruda, Immunotherapy Drug That Aided Jimmy Carter’s Cancer, ‘a Huge Deal’
02:16 — Keytruda, the cancer drug used to treat the melanoma that had spread to former President Jimmy Carter’s brain, is already approved as a second-line ca (more…)
Jimmy Carter Cuts Short Trip After Falling Ill
00:19 — The former president cut short an election monitoring trip to Guyana due to health reasons. He didn’t disclose specifics.
Jimmy Carter: US Is in a Decline of Influence
15:52 — Former President Jimmy Carter joins Morning Joe to discuss 'A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety,' his new book.
President Jimmy Carter Plays Hardball
08:34 — Former President Jimmy Carter talks about the Iran nuclear talks, the 2016 race and his new book, “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety."
Jimmy Carter Announces He Will Undergo Treatment for Cancer
01:07 — Former President Jimmy Carter announced Wednesday that he will undergo treatment for cancer. Prayers and well wishes are pouring in for the 90-year-ol (more…)
An Introduction to President Jimmy Carter
03:05 — Steve Kornacki talks about President Jimmy Carter's long, polarizing career as the former president battles liver cancer.
Drug That Jimmy Carter Used Shows Promise for Cancer Treatment
02:01 — A new cancer treatment drug called Keytruda, which former President Jimmy Carter used, is showing promise.
01:25 — Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn are celebrating their 70th anniversary on Thursday, July 7.
Jimmy Carter to Reveal Details of His Cancer Diagnosis
01:06 — Former President Jimmy Carter is addressing his battle with cancer for the first time since revealing that diagnosis last week. NBC’s Hallie Jackson r (more…)
Hamilton Jordan, a "Boy from Georgia"
02:56 — Former President Jimmy Carter’s Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan left behind a memoir about his upbringing prior to his death in 2008. His daughter, Ka (more…)
Obama Greets Former Presidents On Inauguration Stage
01:46 — President Obama and Vice President Biden greet former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.
Carter's 'grace' V. Trump's 'egoism'
07:45 — In an historic press conference, Fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter announced that his cancer has spread to his brain. Fmr Carter speechwriter Walter Shapiro joi (more…)
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