In the House

An NFL star nursing bum knees opens his house to a divorcée and her rambunctious kids, and later clashes with an arrogant physician after investing in a clinic. The casting of rapper LL Cool J as a sitcom lead replicated the rap-star-in-a-sitcom formula of producer Quincy Jones' `The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' (which made Will Smith a star), but met with less success despite the format change and a transfer from NBC to UPN.

Episode Credits Year
Do the Right Thing Season: 2, Episode: 11 Director 1996
Daddy's Home Season: 2, Episode: 5 Director 1995
The Final Cut Season: 2, Episode: 4 Director 1995
The Gambler Season: 2, Episode: 3 Director 1995
Crush Groove Season: 2, Episode: 2 Director 1995
Dog Catchers Season: 2, Episode: 1 Director 1995
Once Again with Feeling Season: 1, Episode: 4 Director 1995