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Dora the Explorer - Season 8
Adventure is never far away in the complete Season 8 collection of Dora the Explorer! Join Dora as she outskates the Ice Witch, stops a runaway train, (more…)
Dora the Explorer - Season 8
Adventure is never far away in the complete Season 8 collection of Dora the Explorer! Join Dora as she outskates the Ice Witch, stops a runaway train, (more…)
Treasure Island
Dora and Boots find a blue key; it turns out it's the key to a big treasure chest! With the help of their friend, the Pirate Parrot, Dora and Boots w (more…)
Bouncing Ball
Boots buys a super blue bouncy bouncy ball at the toy store, but it bounces off down the hill. To catch the ball, Dora and Boots jump like frogs over (more…)
Te Amo
El Mago, a mean magician, casts a spell on King Popo and Queen Maria, turning them into mountains so they can never be together. Can our heroes break (more…)
Rapido Tico
Boots can't wait for a super duper toy fire truck that's coming in the mail. But when the package arrives, the box is empty! Seems the toy fell out (more…)
Doctor Dora
Achoo, achoo! What's that sound? Benny the Bull has the sneezes. It's Doctor Dora to the rescue!
Dora, la Musico
C'mon and join the musical parade! Dora and Boots are leading a parranda over the Piano Bridge and through the Swinging Gate to free the instruments (more…)
Roberto the Robot
Dora and Boots meet Roberto, a very cool robot with a tool belt, flashing lights, stretching powers and super strength.  But Roberto's lost!  To help (more…)
What are we going to do?  Cockledoodledoo!  Dora and Boots help their friend, Red Rooster, get to the Highest Hill so he can wake up the Sun.  Along t (more…)
To the South Pole
Rescue Truck arrives at Diego's Animal Center to deliver a cute, little animal that's really lost: a penguin!  It's up to Dora, Boots and Diego to bri (more…)
Star Mountain
Swiper swipes Dora's favorite necklace and flings it all the way to the top of Star Mountain! To get to the peak, Dora and Boots need to run up the St (more…)
Big Sister Dora
Dora has some really exciting news to tell us: Someone new is joining Dora's family! Someone who sleeps in a cradle, drinks from a bottle, wears diape (more…)
Baby Crab
Dora and Boots are having a blast at the beach when all of a sudden they hear a call for help. It's a baby crab stuck in a net! He was on his way to h (more…)
Dora Saves the Snow Princess
Dora, Boots and the snowflake fairy are off to save la Princessa Sabrina and her snowy forest from a mean witch who’s locked her in a tower and taken (more…)
Dora's Jack-in-the-Box
Dora’s twin brother and sister have been sick and she wants to buy them a present to cheer them up. Way up on a toy store shelf, she finds a dusty Jac (more…)
Bouncy Boots
“Special delivery for Boots the monkey!” Boots’ favorite boots are back from the Shoe Shop, but when he tries them on, he starts to bounce, bounce, bo (more…)
Bonus: Beach Packing
01:36 — Dora and her friends pack for their beach vacation!
Three L'il Piggies
Dora and Boots are at the farm today, bringing presents to the three little piggies. But when Swiper the fox shows up, the little pigs run away. Now (more…)
Dora remembers the first time she met her wonderful friend Backpack.... Backpack is helping Dora carry her books back to the Library. Can they solve (more…)
Pablo's Flute
When young Pablo loses his magic flute, a terrible drought hits his family's farm. Dora and Boots find Pablo's flute, and hurry off to return it to P (more…)
The Magic Stick
The stick, the stick, the Magic Stick! Dora and Boots find a magic stick and according to the wise old Tree Frog, it's up to our two young heroes to (more…)
Pinto, the Pony Express
Yee haw! Cowgirl Dora and Cowboy Boots are riding through the Wild West on Pinto the Pony Express.
Hide & Go Seek
Dora and her friends are super good at hiding, especially Señor Tucán when he hides in the Rain Forest. If we can find all 8 friends, Señor Tucán pro (more…)
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