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Bart's Cranberry Sauce
00:56 — Bart's offer to help in the kitchen means more work for Marge.
Homer's Heart
01:29 — Homer's heart start to give out on him.
Mall Santa
02:05 — Homer works as Santa Claus until Bart pulls his beard off at the mall.
Marge Learns to Bowl
02:59 — Marge meets Jacques, the French bowling instructor, who offers to teach her how to bowl...and love.
Botz the Babysitter
01:17 — Ms. Botz, the babysitter, appears more foreboding than anticipated.
Bart's First Day of School
00:32 — Homer drops Bart off at his new school for smart kids.
Santas Of Many Lands
02:01 — At the elementary school show, Lisa performs as a fire dancer in "Santas of Many Lands" and Bart gets reprimanded for singing "Jingle Bells, Batman Sm (more…)
Meet Me After School
02:58 — After Bart makes Nelson bleed by defending Lisa's cupcakes, he gets challenged to an after-school fight and daydreams the worst outcome.
Singing Sirloin Birthday
02:01 — The Simpsons go to the Singing Sirloin for Marge's birthday where Homer gives her a bowling ball engraved with his name.
Al Kaholic
00:32 — Bart and Lisa make a prank call to Moe's.
Assassin Shoes
00:50 — Homer admires Ned's brand new Assassin shoes.
Bad Cops
01:07 — An episode of "Cops:In Springfield".
Family Christmas Letter
00:41 — Marge writes a Christmas letter updating friends and family of the year's events.
01:21 — The Simpsons play scrabble until Bart cheats.
Armistice Treaty
02:16 — Bart and his army of friends attack Nelson with water balloons, tie him up, sign an armistice treaty, then have cup cakes.
Oliver Klozoff
00:17 — Bart and Lisa make a little pre-dinner entertainment by prank calling Moe's.
Don't Waste the Mumps
00:58 — Lisa baffles Bart by not taking advantage of her illness.
Cheap Surgery
00:44 — Homer finds a doctor that does cheap surgery.
Santa's Little Helper
03:32 — Homer bets his paycheck on a long-shot dog named Santa's Little Helper.
Santa Training
01:15 — Homer attends job training to prepare for his part-time job working as Santa Claus.
Bart's Future
00:41 — Bart imagines himself still in grammar school as an old man.
Fight Dirty
01:29 — Homer teaches Bart that fighting dirty is the Simpsons' way.
Homer Shaves
00:46 — Homer's beard reappears seconds after shaving.
Discount Lion Safari
02:38 — The Simpson's drag Grampa on a discount lion safari causing him to miss a hot date with his new girlfriend.
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