Cornelius Smith Jr.

  • Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Scandal: People Like Me Trailer
01:08 — On the heels of her commitment to turn over a new leaf, personal turmoil strikes Olivia once again when Mellie demands that she get rid of Cyrus once (more…)
This Is War
01:30 — Will Olivia agree to kill Cyrus for Mellie?
Scandal: The Noise Trailer
00:50 — When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an important choice. Meanwhile, Cyrus is pulling the string (more…)
Mellie Asks Olivia to Come Back
01:50 — Will Olivia be Command again?
Sneak Peek: Quinn Visits Olivia
01:19 — Can they be partners again in order to save Charlie?
Scandal: The List Trailer
01:24 — After Air Force Two's extraordinary safe landing, Cyrus takes his victory lap as America's newest hero, and Mellie demands that the Oval stop at nothi (more…)
Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating Get Real
02:03 — Showdown in the hair salon.
Olivia Pope Resigns as White House Chief of Staff
03:03 — Olivia makes a new choice and gives up the Oval.
Season 1, Episode 60, More All My Children and One Life to Live - Week 18
17:13 — Your VIP pass to everything AMC: Vincent Irizarry (David) admits getting between Angie & Jesse, a real-life romance for Eric Nelsen (AJ), Jordan Lane (more…)
Olivia Confronts Mellie in the Oval Office
00:36 — Olivia demands to know what's going on.
Scandal - Sneak Peek
00:42 — The balance of power is about to shift. Get a first look at the new season of Scandal. Starring Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Jeff Perr (more…)
Charlie Learns Parenting from Rowan
02:21 — Robin spends quality time with her dad.
Fitz Tells Olivia They Are Better Together
01:54 — Fitz tries to convince Olivia to let him into her life.
Olivia Gives Rowan Two Choices: Release Quinn or Die
04:49 — Olivia Gives Rowan Two Choices: Release Quinn or Die
Scandal Pops: Season 7, Episode 5 Recap
04:17 — Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: Adventures in Babysitting
Abby Wonders If Quinn Got Cold Feet
00:31 — Did Quinn get cold feet on her wedding day?
Scandal Pops: "Pressing the Flesh" Recap
03:59 — Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: "Pressing the Flesh"
Mellie Explains the Three Stages of Being in a Relationship With Fitz
03:54 — After a tumultuous fight with Fitz, Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) calls Mellie (Bellamy Young). He tells her Fitz does not respect him so he is quittin (more…)
Marcus Asks If Olivia Will Get a Wing in Fitz's Presidential Library
01:40 — Marcus asks Fitz how much he wants Olivia to be featured in his Presidential library. Olivia worked in Fitz's White House, advised him and was America (more…)
Fitz and Marcus Get Into a Fight Over Power, Respect and Olivia Pope
04:12 — Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) quits as he feels Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is treating him like a glorified valet instead of a partner. Marcus says Fitz is th (more…)
Fitz and Marcus Are a Team, As Long As They Don't Discuss Mellie
00:47 — Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) assures Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) that as soon as Mellie's first 100 days as President are done they will get out there and mak (more…)
Was Fitz a Better President or Boyfriend to Olivia Pope?
01:21 — Tony Goldwyn weighs in on his "Scandal" character as Fitz goes through some big changes. Plus, does Cornelius Smith Jr. know what's to come for Marcus (more…)
Olivia Tells Curtis He Does Not Fit in Her Schedule
01:11 — Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez) have recently finished a "meeting" at a five star hotel. While still lying in bed Curtis st (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Actor