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Fri Oct 19 7:00pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXI(Season 11, Episode 40) MTV-E

Rob, Chanel and Steelo talk about people who are so soft they're known as "The Delicates," meet some birds that are best described as "Winged Weirdos," and hang out with some disgusting couples in their "Honeymoon Phase."

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Fri Oct 19 7:30pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXII(Season 11, Episode 41) MTV-E

Rob, Chanel and Steelo check out some indestructible people in "Allergic to Death," bury their heads with the "Ostrich Boys," and learn you're never too old to get buff in "Swole Timers."

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Fri Oct 19 8:00pm
RidiculousnessRob's Parents IINew(Season 11, Episode 42) MTV-E

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo welcome Rob's parents, Pat and Gene Dyrdek, for some Mom-approved "Patdiculousness" and celebrate greatness with "Gene Genes."

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Fri Oct 19 8:31pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXXIIINew(Season 11, Episode 43) MTV-E

Rob, Chanel, and Steelo cheer on some "Bite-Sized Badasses," party with "Moms Gone Wild," and witness a few "Grand Exits."

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Fri Oct 19 9:02pm
RidiculousnessJustina Valentine(Season 11, Episode 2) MTV-E

"Wild 'N Out" star Justina Valentine joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel as they witness some "Secondhand Suck," check out some gym-goers who have a "Trial Membership" and try to avoid some "Water Drama."

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Fri Oct 19 9:32pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXII(Season 11, Episode 12) MTV-E

Rob warns Chanel and Sterling to keep out of the sky in "Fright and Flight," celebrate some truly "Great Grandmas," and try not to chug any "Stink Drinks."

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Fri Oct 19 10:02pm
RidiculousnessSteve-O(Season 11, Episode 15) MTV-E

Steve-O joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to prepare for the "Machine Uprising," feel the relief of "Beating Your Junk," and do a little "Roofing Off."

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Fri Oct 19 10:32pm
RidiculousnessPost Malone(Season 9, Episode 29) MTV-E

Rapper Post Malone helps with "Really White Iversons," "Saucin' on You" and "Knuckle Tats."

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Fri Oct 19 11:00pm
RidiculousnessJordin Sparks(Season 7, Episode 15) MTV-E

Jordin Sparks helps with "Wet and Afraid," "Nuts About Balls" and "No Air."

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Fri Oct 19 11:30pm
RidiculousnessRobbie Maddison(Season 7, Episode 10) MTV-E

Robbie Maddison helps with "Mini Madd Asses," "Grammage" and "Not Funny, Dude."

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Sat Oct 20 12:00am
RidiculousnessBubba Wallace(Season 8, Episode 13) MTV-E

NASCAR racer Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. helps with "Trading Paint," "Next Level Games" and "Street Heat."

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Sat Oct 20 12:30am
RidiculousnessRedfoo(Season 8, Episode 10) MTV-E

Redfoo helps with "Legends of Campfoo," "Lights Out" and "Party Rock'd."

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Sat Oct 20 1:00am
RidiculousnessAndy Bell(Season 7, Episode 5) MTV-E

Andy Bell ("Nitro Circus") helps with "Nitro Sideshows" and "Street Prancing."

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Sat Oct 20 1:30am
RidiculousnessJa Rule(Season 7, Episode 22) MTV-E

Ja Rule helps with "Keep It on the Green," "Ja Ghouls" and "These Damn Kids!"

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Sat Oct 20 2:00am
RidiculousnessDiplo(Season 7, Episode 17) MTV-E

Diplo helps save the day with "Peacekeepers" and helps with "Mad Indecent Block Parties."

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Sat Oct 20 2:30am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling LXIV(Season 11, Episode 37) MTV-E

Rob, Steelo, and Chanel evade the grim reaper.

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Sat Oct 20 3:00am
RidiculousnessT-Pain(Season 8, Episode 15) MTV-E

T-Pain joins the fun with "T-Pain Your Pain" and "Hard 180s."

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Sat Oct 20 3:30am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXIV(Season 7, Episode 16) MTV-E

Included: "Competitive Sleeping"; "Creature Shock"; and "Sunday Doneday."

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Sat Oct 20 4:00am
RidiculousnessHighdiculousness(Season 10, Episode 25) MTV-E

In an episode dedicated to the world of weed, Rob, Steelo and Chanel check out some "Animals in Pants," explore what it's like to have "Bong Brain" and ask "Am I High?"

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Sat Oct 20 4:30am
RidiculousnessJerry Springer(Season 8, Episode 27) MTV-E

Jerry Springer lends a hand with "Beastdowns" and "Injurgram."

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Sat Oct 20 5:00am
RidiculousnessCharlotte McKinney(Season 7, Episode 8) MTV-E

Charlotte McKinney helps with "Dirty Secrets," "All Natural Beef" and "Spike My Butt."

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Sat Oct 20 5:30am
RidiculousnessChainsmokers(Season 9, Episode 13) MTV-E

The Chainsmokers help with "Biters" and "Stolen Mattresses"; and marvel at the magic of real life.

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Sat Oct 20 6:00am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXXVIII(Season 8, Episode 30) MTV-E

Included: "Drinkovators"; "Planet of the Vapes"; and "Taste of Death."

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Sat Oct 20 6:30am
RidiculousnessTyler Posey(Season 6, Episode 19) MTV-E

Tyler Posey helps salute modern "Fartistry"; discusses "Wolfsense"; and explains how to "Say No to Buds."

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