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If Trump has nothing to hide, why would he need to plead the 5th?
03:16 — The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss Rudy Giuliani’s implication that Trump may lie to the Special Counsel
Michael Cohen’s shady past comes to light, amid speculation he could ‘flip’
05:32 — Fmr Clinton campaign adviser Jenn Palmieri, Boston Herald’s Kimberly Atkins, MSNBC analyst Eli Stokols, and The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol on the (more…)
Is Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party complete?
02:49 — Does Paul Ryan’s retirement mean victory for the Trump wing? Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the Weekly Standard, weighs in.
Is Rudy Giuliani Trump’s best, last hope for legal team?
05:40 — Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, and Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff on the newest addition to Trump’s legal te (more…)
Comey memo sheds more light on Trump's Putin obsession
03:03 — Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and Reverend Al Sharpton on revelations about Trump, Flynn and the Russian president in the Comey memorandums
Kristol: ‘Pruitt’s attitude toward the job really poisons everything’
07:28 — Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt faces more negative headlines as The New York Times reports EPA officials were sidelined af (more…)
Fallback Friday with Vice Mensa, Bobbito Garcia and Bill Kristol
08:21 — Rapper Vic Mensa, DJ Bobbito Garcia and Commentator Bill Kristol join Ari Melber to nominate who they think should Fallback this week. Republican Bill (more…)
Criminal defense attorney: The issue is how was McDougal paid
08:51 — Former playboy playmate Karen McDougal claims to have had a 10-month affair with Donald Trump. Katy Tur and her panel: Criminal defense attorney Jeffr (more…)
2006 April 27
2006 April 27
Mueller probe circling Trump aide Roger Stone's Russia ties
06:53 — New reports reveal Mueller is probing whether the United Arab Emirates funneled money to Trump¹s political efforts. Maya Wiley and Bill Kristol join A (more…)
Trump knows the White House is in deep trouble
02:16 — Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol and the AP’s Jonathan Lemire on Trump’s growing worry over the constant revolving door in the White House
Aides describe White House as ‘pure madness’ to The Washington post
08:14 — Stephanie Ruhle explains why the words “pure madness” are being used to describe what’s been going on in the White House. Former General Barry McCaffr (more…)
Reunited! Rapper Fat Joe Shouts out Conservative Bill Kristol on the Beat
04:20 — Rapper Fat Joe and Editor of the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol join Ari Melber on who needs to fall back this week.
Will the Nunes memo affect American politics?
06:17 — Bill Kristol is a conservative writer and the Editor-at-Large at The Weekly Standard. He joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to dig deeper into what’ (more…)
Even if memo is "a dud", could it accomplish a key purpose for Trump?
03:15 — Bill Kristol & John Heilemann discuss the consequences of releasing the Nunes memo
Can Trump admit he can't go toe to toe with Mueller?
11:12 — Trump is hanging in as president with a 'very weak' hand and could keep doing so, says Bill Kristol during a panel discussion with Eugene Robinson on (more…)
Trump wanted to fire Mueller. Where’s the GOP outrage?
06:32 — Carol Lee, Eugene Robinson and Bill Kristol discuss the latest report that Trump tried to fire Bob Mueller in June.
Was the Alabama Senate race a repudiation of Steve Bannon?
03:44 — Bill Kristol & the New York Times’ Nick Confessore on Steve Bannon’s miscalculation in Alabama
Trump's twitter activity draws rebuke from foreign nations
02:00 — Katy Tur and Bill Kristol on Trump's recent Twitter activity.
From Moore to Trump: What is the Impact on Women?
11:44 — Demos’ Heather McGhee and Bill Kristol discuss the Alabama Senate race, harassment allegations in politics and in popular culture, how to improve the (more…)
Kristol: Trump Should Not Be Commander-in-chief
06:09 — The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to share why he will not be voting for Donald Trump, despite his true conservative beli (more…)
Bill Kristol: Trump Has Peaked, Won't Win Iowa
08:39 — Bill Kristol, Dorian Warren, Mike Lupica and Hallie Jackson join Morning Joe for a discussion on the Republican presidential field, the candidate's la (more…)
Is 'Dump Trump' for Real?
13:39 — Donald Trump's racial attacks on a federal judge fuels talk of a mutiny against the presumptive GOP nominee. Former RNC Chair and Mississippi Governor (more…)
Kristol: Many Undecided Voters Still in Play
09:36 — The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol explains that, with a large chunk of undecided voters still remaining, “it’s not safe” for Clinton or Trump to be s (more…)
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