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Meet the Teams
04:29 — The upcoming season of The Amazing Race will feature 11 new social media savvy teams, including Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, Burnie Burns and Ashley J (more…)
Season 25: Meet the Teams
04:00 — Meet the teams competing to win the $1 Million Dollar prize in the milestone 25th installment of The Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race 13 - A Long Way to Go
02:40 — Frat boys Andrew and Dan have overcome so much to get this far, but they know they still have a lot of work to do to make the final three
The Amazing Race - Determined Twins
01:12 — Twins Elliot & Andrew will start the next leg in last place, but promise Phil they will move up.
The Amazing Race 15 - An Angel Saves Brian & Ericka
01:34 — As Ericka cries, Brian tells Phil about the kindness of a man who led them to the Pit Stop.
The Amazing Race - C'est Magnifique
01:41 — Violinist Trevor helps one local woman down the steps, and play hairdresser to another.
The Amazing Race - An Amazing Race Proposal!
02:30 — This leg of the race finishes with a surprise proposal.
The Amazing Race - Eavesdropping
01:58 — Extreme skier Kristi explains why she started learning French, and she and Jen are shocked when they arrive first at the Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - Aye Aye, Matey!
02:36 — Violinist Trevor talks about his first stick-shift car, and he and Chris describe the non-academic classes they took in college.
The Amazing Race - Mega Yachts and Kiddie Boats
02:10 — NBA veteran Shawn discusses his first (very different) trip to Saint-Tropez, and Cedric talks about being too large for his boat.
The Amazing Race - Rising Stakes
01:53 — Cody & Jessica discuss using the U-Turn, and Jessica describes her limited travel experience
The Amazing Race - Surprises All Around
01:45 — Lifeguards Lucas & Brittany discuss their marriage proposal, and Brittany explains why she's not wearing her ring.
The Amazing Race - Tears and Frustration
01:51 — Lifeguards Lucas & Brittany talk about beating Cedric & Shawn at petanque, and the toll the Race has taken on them.
The Amazing Race - A Chronic Infection
01:28 — Eric & Daniel discuss playing a version of pétanque before, and how they just won't get eliminated.
The Amazing Race - A New Kind of Hell
02:56 — Trevor & Chris describe getting U-turned, Trevor explains how he guessed on the Kafka Roadblock, and they chant about their Race route.
The Amazing Race - Eye Candy
02:04 — Kristi & Jen talk about their friendships with certain teams, and reveal which team they think is best looking.
The Amazing Race - Playing It Safe
01:22 — Lucas & Brittany talk about running around Prague, and why they didn't U-turn anyone.
The Amazing Race - No Smack Talk or Apologies
02:22 — Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica explain why they used the U-Turn, then switch Detours after walking into the wrong lecture hall.
The Amazing Race - Representing the Ancients
02:34 — Kristi & Jen explain why they didn't U-turn, and Kristi talks about being the oldest person left in the Race.
The Amazing Race - Make Up Your Own Mind
02:22 — Lucas & Brittany bicker while looking endlessly for a taxi.
The Amazing Race - Chicken Legs
02:14 — Twin firefighters Eric & Daniel discuss their past European travel, and what they'd look like in swimsuits.
The Amazing Race - All About Flamboyance
01:10 — Trevor & Chris discuss their playing style at pétanque, and how Trevor is a stellar sandal-maker.
The Amazing Race - Doesn't Look Good
02:04 — Competitive eaters Joey & Tim head to the Pit Stop after working forever at the puzzle Detour.
The Amazing Race - Goodwill
02:15 — Lucas & Brittany and Kristi & Jen trade compliments regarding Lucas's building skills, and the skiers' sportsmanship.
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