Ben Bass

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Benjamin Langer Bass
  • Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Last Act
A young woman dies, and all evidence points to suicide. Nick has a gut feeling that it was murder but is unable to prove it. Adding to his stack of un (more…)
Dead Air
Claiming that a caller strangled someone to death during her show, radio psychiatrist Christina Noble turns to the police for help. Although Stonetree (more…)
Undue Process
The two-day search for Natalie Lambert's young niece ends when the missing girl's body is discovered in the woods. After Nick Knight rescues the alleg (more…)
Killer Instinct
While investigating a series of bizarre murders, Nick discovers that an ancient evil from his past is behind the crimes. LaCroix, his former vampire m (more…)
The Fire Inside
When victims are burned to death by a psychotic killer called "The Dragon," Nick Knight races against time to protect a band of homeless living beneat (more…)
Close Call
Once again rescued in the nick of time, Schanke questions Nick Knight's uncanny ability to arrive first at every crime scene and save the day, even in (more…)
Hearts of Darkness
When a stripper wakes to discover the man she picked up at The Raven has been stabbed to death, even a polygraph test cannot spark her memory of how s (more…)
Dark Knight, Pt. 1
When a series of "vampire" murders sweeps the city, Toronto Police detective Nick Knight is put on the case. However, unknown to everyone except medic (more…)
For I Have Sinned
During his investigation of a series of ritual murders whose victims are all from the same church, Nick is forced to face his fear of the religion and (more…)
My Boyfriend Is a Vampire
Ratings at any cost is the agenda for the producer of a popular TV talk show. When the cost becomes murder, Tracy unwittingly goes undercover, unaware (more…)
The Fix
Determined to find the reasons behind a fellow officer's suicide, Nick Knight ignores his orders from Internal Affairs to stay away from the investiga (more…)
Near Death
Nick investigates the death of a young doctor when Natalie is unable to determine the cause. Intrigued by the doctor's experiments in near death exper (more…)
Queen of Harps
Unwilling to accept the death of a wealthy old woman as accidental, Nick attends the auction of her estate and quickly recognizes an antique harp as a (more…)
The Code
Fascinated with his ex-partner Delehanty's high level income and jet-set lifestyle, Schanke become a pawn in Delehanty's plan to influence a murder in (more…)
Fallen Idol
The murder of a popular wrestler leads Nick and Tracy to a rival competitor whose secret steroid use has been discovered. After arresting him, they di (more…)
Last Knight
In this tragic final episode, Nick and Natalie lose a mutual close friend. In working through their grief, Natalie recognizes the magnitude of her for (more…)
Only the Lonely
After Schanke discovers that the third victim in a series of fatal sexual assaults subscribed to a local dating service, Natalie returns to her lab to (more…)
Love You to Death
After missing model Stephanie Donovan turns up dead on a park bench, Natalie notes that she seemed to have been treated well for someone held against (more…)
A rat infected with a newly engineered virus escapes from the lab when the scientist is murdered, and soon becomes Screed's next meal. Designed to com (more…)
Faithful Followers
Nick joins the Luminology cult to investigate the death of a city official's son. When he inexplicably breaks off contact with the department, however (more…)
Can't Run, Can't Hide
Highly respected parole officer, Casey Brooks, is the prime suspect in the investigation of a murdered Vietnam veteran. Nick Knight is certain he has (more…)
Beyond the Law
When the naked body of a woman is discovered, all evidence points to a powerful political figure as the prime suspect. Despite Captain Cohen's orders (more…)
A court battle over Native American land leads to betrayal and murder, as the loss of an ancient document naming the rightful owner threatens to derai (more…)
Nick and Tracy find themselves on the path of a brutal murderer who is the reincarnation of a seductress vampire Nick knew long ago. With the help of (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Benjamin Langer Bass
  • Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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