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Week 3: Jaguars at Seahawks Game Highlights 2013
16:41 — Week 3: Jaguars at Seahawks Game Highlights 2013
Komachi Machi Machi? Promised Devotion
Komachi-san has come to collect Uzume's doll as she is their original master. Uzume is reluctant to let them go, buta meeting with Lord Rafflesia coul (more…)
Onion On On: A Fair of Culture?
Uzume and her club set up a curry shop during the school festival. A new masked opponent appears.
A Heart Tart? All Together As One
A new Master is after Uzume's cards. Sasara and the rest will have to work together if they hope to defeat him!
Akar Karikari: Restrictions and Devotion
Akari feels down after being scolded by Uzume. An odd new Master appears, and takes a liking to Akari.
Poked Poker: The Director's Challenge?
Uzume, her mother, and a new Master play a game of 5 card draw with Madeleine as the prize. Uzume's mother proves herself to be quite the poker rat.
Wishes Upbeat, Everyone's Shining
Uzume and Komachi have one final showdown. Proto Zero proves to be too much for Sasara and the rest, and Kagami's brother finds a way to revive Sonnet (more…)
Uzume Uzu Uzu: A Shadow Draws Near?
Uno Uzume finds a deck of cards on the street one fateful day, and what transpires will change her life forever.
Work Work Working: Katia's Beginning
Uzume is going broke buying snacks for her dolls, so they all get part time jobs. Katia makes a special friend.
The Expedient Errand: Madeleine's Devotion
Madeleine's helpful nature begins to irritate Uzume. A ruthless new Master appears, intent on taking Uzume's cards.
Kagami Kami Kami? Confusing Feelings
Kagami is given a choice - take Uzume's cards or miss the chance at finding her kidnapped brother. The Director's true identity is revealed.
Sasara Sara Sara: You're my master?
Fed up with the stress of having to learn to use her cards as well as a fussy Sasara, Uzume decides to give them back to their previous owner.
Jimejime Shimeji: Counterattack by the Pathetic Prince
Shimeji's previous master abandoned her, with only a ring to remember her by. Aloe's master returns for another fight.
Kill the New Recruits
21:28 — Night Raid has two new members, one human and one organic-type Imperial Arms. Both seem like they'll add a lot to the team, but there is one major pro (more…)
Kill the Mad Scientist
21:28 — Dr. Stylish launches a full-scale assault on Night Raid's hideout. Despite getting taken by surprise, everyone is quick to defend their home. But is a (more…)
Kill the Despair
21:29 — The Empire intends to execute Tatsumi as a way to weaken the Revolutionary Army's morale. Night Raid cannot let that happen! They are willing to fight (more…)
Kill Pandemonium
21:29 — Tatsumi and Lubbock sneak onto the palace grounds expecting to attend a meeting with revolutionaries. Instead they find themselves confronting Syura a (more…)
Kill the Seduction
21:27 — Esdeath has abducted Tatsumi and put him in the Jaegers reserves. This is his big chance to learn about the special police. Esdeath has also taken a r (more…)
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