Antonio Sabato Jr.

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  • Birth Place: Rome, Italy
  • Profession: Actor
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Melrose Place - Shocking Discovery
01:13 — Billy finds Brooke after she attempts suicide. (Holy Strokes)
Melrose Place - Sydney vs Miranda
02:26 — Sydney takes advantage of Michael's amnesia. (Grand Delusions)
Melrose Place - Stinky Reputation
01:53 — A drunken Alison can't handle Susan's relationship with Billy. (Dr. Jekyll Saves His Hide)
Melrose Place - Black Out
01:37 — Kimberly terrorizes Amanda and makes her believe it was Michael. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Melrose Place - I'll Always Love You
04:08 — Jo puts the baby up for adoption and says her last good-bye. (They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?)
Melrose Place - Accidental Hit
00:46 — Alison drives home under the influence and runs over a boy on a bike. (The Days of Wine and Vodka)
Melrose Place - Get Going
01:58 — Michael helps colleague Kimberly with her plumbing and the sexual tension starts to build. (Irreconcilable Similarities)
Melrose Place - Humiliated
02:18 — Alison learns that the environmentalist she's dating is married. (Polluted Affairs)
Melrose Place - Watch It
02:26 — Jake stands up to Chris for Sydney. (Love Reeks)
Melrose Place - You Belong Here
02:36 — Billy tells Alison to stay in Los Angeles and she does. (Irreconcilable Similarities)
Melrose Place - I Want You
02:06 — Amanda suggests Billy move in and he agrees. (Bye Bye Billy)
Melrose Place - Don't Force Me
01:36 — Jack attacks Amanda and falls over a railing. (Dial "M" for Melrose)
Melrose Place - Sister, Sister
01:39 — Jane's sister visits and starts to overstep her boundaries with Jane. (Peanut Butter and Jealousy)
Melrose Place - Quiet on the Blackmail Front
01:42 — Jane and Sydney are continually blackmailed over Richard's murder. (Over Dick's Dead Body)
Melrose Place - Watch It
02:26 — Jake stands up to Chris for Sydney. (Love Reeks)
Melrose Place - Electric Attraction
02:41 — Jo resists and then gives in to her attraction to Jess. (Melrose Impossible)
Melrose Place - Madhouse Escape
05:05 — Amanda, Peter and escape from the mental institution. (Dear Sisters Walking)
Melrose Place - Caught Red-handed
01:33 — Jane walks in on Kimberly and Michael in a romantic situation. (Carpe Diem)
Melrose Place - New York is a Secret
01:16 — Jane confronts Richard after New York. (Peter's Excellent Adventure)
Melrose Place - It's Okay to be Human
02:50 — An intern at the hospital tries to help Michael juggle the stress at work. (A Promise Broken)
Melrose Place - The Other Woman
02:14 — Alison doesn't feel right with Keith because of her own parent's difficult marriage. (Drawing the Line)
Melrose Place - Seeing Things
02:50 — Kimberly tries to kill Michael and Sydney during her hearing. (Blind Ambition)
Melrose Place - You Like It
02:04 — Amanda and Billy sleep together. (My New Partner)
Melrose Place - Jake vs Jess
02:41 — Jo sticks up for Jess. (All About Brooke)
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  • Birth Place: Rome, Italy
  • Profession: Actor

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