Aisha Dee

  • Birth Place: Australia
  • Profession: Actor

Fast Facts

  • Appeared in an Australian soft-drink commercial in 2006.
  • Studied acting at Sydney's National Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2008.
  • Made dramatic-TV debut in the The Saddle Club, a tween-friendly horse drama filmed in Australia, in 2008. 
  • Was a regular on Dead Gorgeous, a 2010 Australian comedy-drama about three Victorian-era teens who find themselves in the 21st century.
  • Appeared on U.S. TV in the 2009 DisneyXD movie Skyrunners (filmed in New Zealand) and the first episode of Fox's Terra Nova (filmed in Australia) before moving to Los Angeles for I Hate My Teenage Daughter.
  • Turned 18 on the first day of shooting for Teenage Daughter.


  • Attended National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia