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Anime series about a high-school boy who is called to a land called Mar Heaven, where he battles powerful enemies.

Episode Credits Year
Babbo: Version 2! Season: 1, Episode: 11 Voice 2007
The Second Great War Begins! Season: 1, Episode: 10 Voice 2007
The Training Gate---Merilo and Bumoru Season: 1, Episode: 9 Voice 2007
Phantom, the Undead Knight! Season: 1, Episode: 8 Voice 2007
Snow: The Young Girl Inside the Ice Season: 1, Episode: 6 Voice 2007
Lost and Found Babbo Season: 1, Episode: 4 Voice 2007
Jack's Battle Shovel in Action Season: 1, Episode: 3 Voice 2007
Babbo: The Legendary ARM! Season: 1, Episode: 2 Voice 2007
Open! Door to Another World! Season: 1, Episode: 1 Voice 2007
Back to the Training Gate! Learn How to Really Fight Season: 1, Episode: 20 Voice 2007
Alan: The Man Who Came Late Season: 1, Episode: 25 Voice 2007
Captain Ginta and Gargoyle vs. Garon! Season: 1, Episode: 19 Voice 2007
John Peach, The Seventh Team Member? Season: 1, Episode: 15 Voice 2007
Babbo Version Three: Gargoyle! Season: 1, Episode: 14 Voice 2007
Nanashi vs. Orco at the Underground Lake Season: 1, Episode: 13 Voice 2007
Awaken: Meet the Other Ed! Season: 1, Episode: 7 Voice 2007
Alviss, the Mysterious Young Man Season: 1, Episode: 5 Voice 2007
First Battle: Alviss Vs. Leno! Season: 1, Episode: 17 Voice
The War Games Commence! Season: 1, Episode: 16 Voice
Nanashi: Chief Of Luberia! Season: 1, Episode: 12 Voice
Phantom's Hidden Joy Season: 1, Episode: 24 Voice
Dorothy: A Witch to Be Feared! Season: 1, Episode: 23 Voice
Nanashi Vs. Loco and the Straw Doll! Season: 1, Episode: 22 Voice
The Desert Field and the Fighting Princess! Season: 1, Episode: 21 Voice
First Battle, Part 2: Jack vs. Pano!! Season: 1, Episode: 18 Voice
Phantom and the Zodiac Knights Season: 2, Episode: 4 Voice
Another Zombie Tattoo! Alviss Vs. Rolan! Season: 2, Episode: 3 Voice
Accursed Candle! Ginta Vs. Kannochi! Season: 2, Episode: 2 Voice
Snow at the Volcano Mountain Range Field Season: 2, Episode: 1 Voice
Show Your Stuff, Jack: Funky Fungi Season: 1, Episode: 26 Voice
Sing, Crazy Quilt, Sing! Dorothy Vs. Rapunzel! Season: 2, Episode: 10 Voice
Girom Counterattacks! Egola vs. Gargoyle! Season: 2, Episode: 9 Voice
Team MÄR on the Ropes Season: 2, Episode: 7 Voice
Aqua, Akko and the Nanashi Method Season: 2, Episode: 8 Voice
Dorthy's Anger! The Desert Tower! Season: 2, Episode: 22 Voice
A Knight Reborn! Ian's Revenge! Season: 2, Episode: 20 Voice
Alviss' Struggle Season: 2, Episode: 21 Voice
Battle Field of Death! the Psycho Space! Season: 2, Episode: 17 Voice
Fateful Mortal Combat! Nanashi Vs. Galian! Season: 2, Episode: 18 Voice
The World's Ugliest Match! Snow Vs. Eemokis! Season: 2, Episode: 14 Voice
Aalviss' Crisis: Stolen Magical Power! Season: 2, Episode: 15 Voice
Ash, the Knight Who Protects Children Season: 2, Episode: 13 Voice
Sensation! the Knight Candice, Stone User! Season: 2, Episode: 16 Voice
Phantom Vs. Ginta Season: 2, Episode: 12 Voice
To Caldia, the Land of Witches Season: 2, Episode: 11 Voice
Concentrate! The Power of the Sixth Sense! Season: 2, Episode: 26 Voice
The Zonnens Infiltrate the Training Gate! Season: 2, Episode: 23 Voice
Alviss Vs. Nanashi! Forbidden Labrynth! Season: 2, Episode: 24 Voice
Dorthy Vs. Snow! The Allure of Lippenstift Season: 2, Episode: 25 Voice

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