John Cena stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday to hang out with Jimmy Fallon, don a holiday sweater and fill out a Mad Lib to create the world's first (and let's be honest, hopefully last) skit ever to suggest that you can rediscover the Christmas spirit if you just "look deep inside your perineum."

Cena obliged Fallon with a series of creative responses to Mad Lib prompts like "body part," "nickname for a kid" and "thing you'd say if you stubbed your toe," which were then written on cue cards for insertion into a skit about two brothers struggling to keep the faith in Santa.

Things nearly went off the rails when Jimmy Fallon had to say the words "Stay golden, Ponyboy" without laughing, but the guys eventually got it together and ended the skit with a rousing rendition of everyone's favorite holiday carol, "Rudolph the Seabreeze-Nosed WWE Superstar."