Long before Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon would become professional nemeses on The Morning Show, the two were seen bickering onscreen for an entirely different series. Witherspoon had a two-episode guest spot on the sixth season of Friends as Jill Green, the even more spoiled sister of Rachel who briefly dated Ross (David Schwimmer), and, as it turns out, she still remembers her lines from the role. In fact, she remembers Aniston's lines, too.

Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram with the Friends Reunion Selfie We Needed

While the pair were promoting their new Apple TV+ series with Access Hollywood, they were shown a still photo of a memorable scene from their time together at Central Perk, and it sparked an impromptu recreation of their dialogue from another key piece of dialogue they shared way back when — with Witherspoon excitedly giving Aniston a little nudge about how the exchange began.

Only the most intense Friends fanatics among us will notice that the photo is actually from Witherspoon's first episode, "The One with Rachel's Sister," while the argument she apparently still loves so much is from her second episode, "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry." And, sure, the two are doing some light paraphrasing here — in the show, Jill's "The only thing I can't have is dairy" line was a little different and was preceded by Rachel saying, "This is about you being a brat and wanting what you can't have," for example. But oh. my. god. It is still a treat to see them hop back into their Green girl boots for old time's sake here.

Also, not that we needed another reason to want a reunion/reboot/anything of Friends, but this moment does kinda make us wonder what became of Jill after she made amends with her dad and flitted back to her charmed little life — you know, apart from the fact that that "carbs found her," per the third Green sis Amy (Christina Applegate). Just sayin'.

The Morning Show premieres on Apple TV+ on Nov. 1. Friends is currently streaming on Netflix but will move to HBO Max in 2020.

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