Batwoman has officially entered the Arrowverse, and it's delivering a healthy dose of family drama right off the bat — see what we did there? You might think the most shocking revelation of Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) life would be that her favorite playboy cousin (who has mysteriously departed Gotham) was actually Batman all along, but no, it's all far more complicated than that!

After discovering that her ex-girlfriend had been kidnapped by the latest eccentric villain terrorizing Gotham, Kate returned home to lead her own search for Sophie (Meagan Tandy). Said search took her down into the Batcave and up onto the rooftops of Gotham, as she put on the Batsuit to give her city hope again. It also forced her to face off against Alice (Rachel Skarsten), Sophie's extremely odd, but also extremely familiar, kidnapper.

A few death-defying leaps later, Sophie was saved and Alice had escaped, but not without leaving behind a bejeweled knife. As any good vigilante would, Kate took the knife with her, and as it turns out, it might be an even bigger lead than she expected. A birthstone embedded in the hilt of the dagger seemed to hint that Alice could, in fact, be Kate's long-lost twin, Beth, presumed dead after a botched attempt by Batman to stop both Beth and Kate's mother from careening off a bridge and into the river below. Beth's body was mysteriously never recovered.

So, is Alice actually Beth all grown up and quite possibly clinically insane?

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Rachel Skarsten, Batwoman

If Batwoman is setting itself up to follow the storyline laid out by the Batwoman comics, then yes, Alice will turn out to be Kate's twin sister. In the comics, not much is known about Beth's transformation into Alice, but the circumstances of her disappearance already differ greatly in the show. Alice's vendetta against Kate's father, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), certainly feels personal enough to be a daughter's campaign against her father.

No doubt, the mystery of Alice's true identity will be a running story in Season 1 of Batwoman, and we'll be in for lots of twists and turns along the way. If there's one thing the Arrowverse can deliver, it's a last-minute shocker, so until we've got definitive proof that Alice and Beth are one and the same, we're reserving judgment about whether she's a friend or a foe.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Ruby Rose, Batwoman