Those of us who've been waiting on tenterhooks for a peek at the next installment of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events got a rare treat this morning... in the form of an extremely aggressive email from its villain-in-charge.

Sliding into our inbox like the egomaniacal snake he is, Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) passed along a series of first look images from Season 2 of the Netflix original series, which will hit the streaming service next spring. According to Olaf (whose claims, it must be said, should be taken with a grain of salt), he's not just the star of the show, but also its marketing maven.

"Luckily, I am featured prominently in these photographs — surely collectors items worth millions of dollars. You'll just want to avert your eyes from the grotesque children, who somehow managed to weasel their way into the First Look," Olaf explained.

Indeed, the so-called grotesque children do have their own featured image; otherwise, it's all Olaf, all the time (and alas, no sign of new cast members Nathan Fillion or Tony Hale, unless they're well-hidden under some prosthetics.) Check out the images below!

A Series of Unfortunate Events returns to Netflix in Spring 2018.

A Series of Unfortunate Events A Series of Unfortunate Events A Series of Unfortunate Events A Series of Unfortunate Events